Late Summer 2011 – volume 9 issue 2

Editor: Madeline Johnson

Associate Editor: Allison Vroman

Assistant Editor: Sara Massey

Contributing Editors: Lauren Bremer, Julia Chomeau, Myles Dannhausen Jr., Dan Eggert, Sally Everhardus, Stephen Grutzmacher, Gary Jones, Brittany Jordt, Becky Kaiser, Roy Lukes, Megan O’Meara, Bonnie Spielman, Allison Vroman, Patty Williamson

Photography Director: Dan Eggert

Contributing Photographers: Suzi Hass, Katie Sikora

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In this issue

  • Freddie Kodanko, Door County's Polka King.

    Local, Native, Tourist, or Transplant? Take our Door County Local Quiz

    While writer Myles Dannhausen Jr.’s research confirmed that there’s no single answer to what makes someone a Northern Door local, he did get some ideas for some questions you might ask to test someone’s local credentials. Here’s a 20-question quiz made up of suggestions from a bunch of locals, a few transplants, and the Door […]

  • Right at Home: Solomon’s Settle in at Julie’s Cafe

    Julie’s Park Café opens at 6:59 am, but when the coffee’s made the door is open. If a local or tourist happens to wander in a little early, they will be warmly received and served up a steaming cup of joe. This is just one thing that makes Julie’s inviting. Add to that the close-knit […]

  • Todd Frisoni and the Door County Ice Cream Factory

    If you ask Todd Frisoni, owner of Door County Ice Cream Factory, on the corner of Beach Road and Highway 42 at the north end of Sister Bay, how he came to own the business, he is apt to reply, “The process was interesting,” and then smile. Todd’s appearance doesn’t remotely reflect his 33 years […]

  • Still Shooting His Age

    It was 1945 in Baileys Harbor. “I was 14 years old, and my father told me I had to get a job – either picking cherries or caddying,” recalls Sturgeon Bay resident, Bill Boettcher. “I chose caddying.” And so began Boettcher’s lifelong love affair with the game of golf. In his prime, he was a […]

  • A Story in the Floorboards

    In 2003, Robert and Trish Kubala were a typical couple:  newly married, expecting their first child, and looking for a home to raise their family. What happened as a result of that search, however, was anything but typical. Robert and Trish were not looking for a standard, turn-key starter home. They were looking for a […]

  • Salute the Sun

    They call it a “salute to the sun,” yet all too often it is done indoors. While there are many benefits to doing yoga in a more structured environment – certainly the rain sometimes necessitates a roof – when summer hits Door County there’s no better place to stretch than outside. If your yoga mat […]

  • Making Waves

    With its reputation for brats, beer and frigid football games, it’s hard to believe that the Midwest – Door County included – is gaining notoriety for stand up paddle surfing, a water sport that conjures images of bikini bods, washboard stomachs and sunny, surf culture. While surfing can be traced back to Polynesian roots, it’s […]

  • Drawing Lines: Door County’s Geographic Rivalries

    Baileys Harbor vs. Sister Bay. Southern Door vs. Sturgeon Bay. North vs. South. The rivalries that influence Door County relationships.

  • Speaking of Soul

    The remarkable songwriter/performer Ruthie Foster will be making her way to the Door Community Auditorium on July 22nd as part of their 20th Anniversary Main Stage Season. With two Blues Music Awards under her belt, as well as a Grammy Nomination for her record The Truth According to Ruthie Foster, the artist will once again […]

  • Beyond a Pot

    It’s the pre-season quiet. The time of year when things are just about to get busy, but not quite yet. It’s the time of year when you can easily picture Door County in its earlier days. As Tony Staroska and I stand in front of his gallery, Juddville Clay Studio, we are at the main […]

  • Inviting the Imagination

    Ed Fenendael spent 30 years as a dentist in Wisconsin and Kansas City before he was able to devote all of his time to his passion for art, but his heart has always been there. “As a child,” he says, “one of my greatest joys was the smell of my new box of crayons and […]

  • In Pursuit of the Catch

    As The Karen rumbles out from the Henriksen Fisheries dock into Lake Michigan, the late spring sky is beginning to brighten, the air fresh, the water a mirror, but the sun is sleeping in. “I tell my crew that tourists pay lots of money to see something like this,” Charlie Henriksen says. But the crew, […]

  • Crawling Before They Fly

    A turning point in my life with nature occurred when I was about eight or nine years old. My two older brothers and I had gone to spend the day playing at our grandparents’ home, which was “down the hill” from our house in Kewaunee. They had a wonderful yard and garden rich for exploring, […]

  • The Love of Nature, a Way of Life

    You have a problem:  song birds kamikaze into your front window. What do you do? Chances are you call Roy and Charlotte Lukes for the answer:  suspend over your window a string with a few turkey feathers tied at intervals. It works. Roy and Charlotte are the go-to couple for people in Door County who […]

  • Chief Roy Oshkosh: Door County’s Unlikely Ambassador

    Sounds of pounding bare feet, drum beats, and the crackling of a bonfire all speak of an era of Door County tradition gone by, but the experience, and the man behind it, are not forgotten. Chief Oshkosh’s powwows in Egg Harbor are one of the most memorable traditions for those who can recall the peninsula […]