Late Summer 2012 – volume 10 issue 2

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In this issue

  • Door County’s RV Culture

    I didn’t have to ask Jan Harlow a lot of questions. I showed up at Aqualand Camp Resort to talk to the owner, Mike McAndrews, to get a feel for the place, and after a few minutes he stopped talking and said, “you know what, I should just take you down to meet Jan and […]

  • Gilbert Family Farm Meets Big Business

    I lie to myself. When I buy milk, or an ice cream cone, or a hamburger at the pub, I like to imagine the picture of a Holstein in a pasture flanked by stone fences, happily grazing from the lush green grass of Wisconsin. I like to picture this cow basking in the summer sun […]

  • Experience the Thrills of Skydive Door County

    On a sunny day with low wind, the plane ascends to 11,000 feet. You’re harnessed and hooked to the tandem master. The gear – harness, hooks, and parachutes – rank right up there with military grade hardware. The plane door opens, and you prepare to jump. The freefall – that’s the most exhilarating part. Maybe […]

  • Ula Noble: A Woman Before Her Time

    Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Noble House sits on the corner at the foot of the Fish Creek hill. Alexander Noble built the home in 1875, his 22-year-old daughter Ula designing the floor plan. In a sense this act served as an emblem for her life, as well as for those […]

  • Caleb Whitney and Kristen Peil

    Walking inside the Baileys Harbor home of Caleb Whitney and Kristen Peil, one gets a sense of what kind of people they are. The house is open and vibrant – bright coats of yellow, blue and green coat the walls where artwork hangs – and work projects and papers take up space in the living […]

  • Katie Sikora

    Fine Line Designs Gallery

    Assembling the gallery. Hanging the show. Or, as Shari Gransee, owner of Fine Line Designs Gallery, calls it, “putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.” It’s the day before opening day at Fine Line, and to an unstudied eye, the gallery looks ready. Located on the north end of Ephraim, the gallery began as the Seaquist […]

  • Gerhard Miller

    The Remarkable Life of Artist Gerhard Miller

    For most boys, growing up in Sturgeon Bay in the early years of the 20th century – whooping through the woods, skating, sailing and swimming – being felled by polio at age 10 would have been a tragedy. For Gerhard Carl Friedrich Miller, once the agony of recovery was over, his illness led directly to […]

  • The Lady’s-slipper

    The great majority of Door County residents will be surprised to learn that the strikingly magnificent Large Yellow Lady’s-slipper Orchid is Door County’s official flower, and in the early 1980s the Door County Board of Supervisors voted these plants and their habitats to be protected by law. Idealistically, I thought when the law was approved […]

  • Backyard BBQ Bliss

    You know it is summer when you step out your back door in the evening and absorb a good whiff of backyard BBQ. This smell transports me right back to being a little girl growing up in Door County. I love it – it makes me smile with the memories of chasing lightning bugs while […]

  • Malibu Moo’s Dazzling Array

    The average frozen custard shop will have two or three standard flavors and one flavor of the day,” says Malibu Moo’s founder Sherrie Morrissey. “If those don’t appeal to a customer passing by, they might skip custard that day.” Located in downtown Fish Creek, Malibu Moo’s Frozen Griddle had been providing almost unlimited flavor choices […]

  • Kristofer’s Terrace

    The smell of blooming nasturtiums blends with the Door County air. The sound of sailboats rocking gently in their slips across the street provides a punctuated, soothing rhythm to gentle guitar notes. A chilled glass of white wine stands next to a plate of warm Brie and brandied fruit as the sun hits the horizon […]

  • Hanne Gault: Stranger in Both Worlds

    “If I had it to do over again,” Hanne Gault said, “with the wisdom that age begets I wouldn’t have made the move.” In 1955, at age 17, Gault accepted the invitation from an aunt to travel from Denmark to work for one year as a maid in a wealthy home in Massachusetts. “I was […]

  • Red Putter Mini Golf: More Than Good, Clean Vacation Fun

    Nestled into the north end of Ephraim, sits a delightfully quirky and auspiciously quiet Door County landmark:  The Red Putter Mini Golf. This charming course filled with swinging logs, mini lighthouses and a badger with clasping paws, looks like a blast from a more innocent past, but don’t let the colorful gnomes and swinging mini […]

  • Anclam Park Undergoes Renovations

    By this time next year, kiteboarders could be launching from a completely renovated beach at Anclam Park. The first phase of the renovations, which focuses on the beach’s infrastructure, is currently underway, and the second phase, which focuses on beautification, will likely begin next year. The Town of Baileys Harbor recently contracted Rass Excavating and […]

  • Kiteboarding

    If most Americans read or heard that on any given day, chances are they wouldn’t have a clue what it meant. But the simple Facebook post by a Door County kiteboarder would have his friends over to Anclam Beach in Baileys Harbor within an hour. Like a mountain town sub-culture where the forecast for a […]

  • Dorothy Scott

    Dorothy Scott has toured with Grammy-winning Glen Hansard, played onstage with the highly-political Sinéad O’Connor, had work featured in the Sundance movie AKA and considers Carole King a personal friend. She also founded a Door County children’s choir. “She has singlehandedly molded a young group of girls into a fantastic and extremely professional choir,” said […]

  • Door County Sail & Power Squadron

    Water Rat, the friendly little extrovert in The Wind in the Willows, said, “There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” It’s a shame he didn’t live in Door County, so he could have joined the Door County Sail & Power Squadron (DCS&PS) and found […]

  • Len Villano, Stiefel home

    Living with Intention: John & Janice Stiefel

    Over two decades ago John and Janice Stiefel, then residents of Plymouth, Wisconsin, set out on a mission to purchase property in Door County. Each weekend they packed the car and headed north, winding their way up to Gills Rock, stopping to view open meadows and wooded parcels, and to watch the progression of blooming […]