Late Summer 2013 – volume 11 issue 2

Executive Editor Madeline Johnson

Editor Jim Lundstrom

Assistant Editor Alissa Ehmke

Arts & Literature Editor Sally Slattery

Contributing Editors Lauren Bremer, Julia Chomeau, Alissa Ehmke, Jess Farley, Cathy Hoke, Gary Jones, Matt Ledger, Katie Lott Schnorr, Roy Lukes, Jim Lundstrom, Ryan Miller, Sally Slattery, Carol Thompson, Len Villano, Patty Williamson, Sean Zak

Photography Director Len Villano

Illustrator Ryan Miller

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Publisher David Eliot

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In this issue

  • Ephraim: Last Dry Town Standing

    In recent years, visitors to the small town of Ephraim, population 288, have noticed that shrinking water levels have left parts of the town’s waterfront high and dry. When it comes to alcohol sales, Ephraim has always been a dry town. In fact, it’s the last remaining dry town in the state of Wisconsin. Ephraim’s […]

  • Len Villano

    Picnic Basket + Fresh Local Ingredients = Summer Serenity

    Summer is the best time of year to pack up some of your favorite salads, snacks, sandwiches and fruit and head out for a picnic. A humid summer breeze, paired with the chameleon-like Door County summer fields and a sunny day motivate me to pack up lunch or early dinner, grab a book, blanket and […]

  • In the Moment

    Photographer Len Villano revisited the scene of a black and white photo of an early 1940s car accident at the intersection of Highway 57 and Mathey Road and shot the scene from where he approximated the original photographer stood. Then he superimposed the original photo onto his color image. Besides a slightly wider road, a […]

  • The Resorters’ Tournament

    When it comes to golf, Door County has it all. Beautiful public courses, par-3 prizefighting fun and even a private venture worth ogling at. Although it lacks a notorious course known across the nation, Door County makes perfect sense as a great golf destination. The best part, it already is a golf destination, and has […]

  • Len Villano

    The Clear Bottom Kayaking Experience

    On any given summer’s day in Door County, someone is enjoying a silent sport, and with endless miles of shoreline, inland lakes and rivers, Door County is a fitting home for kayakers. Even without searching for them, kayaks are everywhere – stores, brochures, beachfronts, atop cars, leaning against garages, etc. There is only one place […]

  • Baileys Harbor’s Range Lights

    Captain Justice Bailey was lucky. In 1848 he escaped a storm on Lake Michigan by guiding the Gazelle safely into the harbor that would later bear his name, escaping the fate of an estimated 31 other vessels that wrecked or stranded on the treacherous outer reef that is covered by very shallow water. Baileys Harbor […]

  • Estella Lauter Honors the Peninsula Through Poetry

    Soon after retiring in 2004, Estella Lauter took a poetry workshop at Björklunden with Ellen Kort, Wisconsin’s first Poet Laureate. Since then the Professor Emerita of the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh has shown herself to be a rather gifted poet, receiving recognition from Verse Wisconsin, Free Verse, Wisconsin People and Ideas, and Peninsula Pulse. […]

  • Len Villano

    Opening the Door to Energy-Efficiency

    “It’s not easy to be green,” sang Kermit the Frog. But Brian Bartel, who has received green certification both from the Madison Area Builders’ Association and the Wisconsin Environmental Initiative, would disagree. The plaque on his wall proclaims that his lakeside cottage “meets or exceeds the sustainable building and energy standards of green built remodeled […]

  • Katie Sikora

    JT and the Clouds

    In the thick dreaminess of an August night in 2010, a group of musicians retreated into a cabin on Washington Island to record an album. Wrapped together at the core of this late summer night, they laid down the tracks in three days for what was to become their fifth album, Mountains/Forests, born from the […]

  • Len Villano

    Firefighter Stacy Bell

    Stacy Bell and I sit in the kitchen at the Sister Bay Fire Station, chatting about her life and Door County, when a bit of commotion starts in the hallway behind us. There’s a sound of hurried footsteps that, in a fire station, can only belong to firefighters about to head out on a call. […]

  • Len Villano

    Double-Header Softball League is a Family Tradition

    It was cold and windy at the south ball field in the Institute Town Park when the Hitching Post softball team met for its first practice of the year. “Most of us are ball players, so it’s just getting the rust out,” said Tina Wagner, a long-time Hitching Post player who often takes her spot […]

  • Len Villano, Cave Point

    Time to Invent Your Own Constellation Myths

    As early man attempted to understand the natural world around him, he looked up at the vast sky and wondered… The sky was fraught with so much meaning that eventually it became the “heavens,” home of various deities. The night sky especially offered endless mystery and possibilities to our ancestors. They saw celestial occurrences as […]

  • Roy Lukes

    The Dazzling World of Dragonflies

    It was in 1937, as a fourth-grader in the Kewaunee Public School, that we began studying more about our great state of Wisconsin. I was happy to learn about our state bird, the American Robin; our state tree, the Sugar Maple; and our state wildflower, the Common Blue Violet. The thought of choosing a state […]

  • Len Villano, David

    The Art of David Valentine

    David Valentine is quick to admit that he was not a good student. The accomplished architect and talented sculptor – who dabbles in jazz music, pencil drawing, and leading Destination Imagination students – struggled with all subjects except art, music, and finally geometry and calculus. “It wasn’t until 10th grade that I took physics and […]

  • Len Villano, Martinez Studio

    Martinez Studio Garners National Recognition

    On a late spring day, brilliant with green and sunshine, I arrived at the studio/gallery of Wence and Sandra Martinez, set in a small, whitewashed barn on their Jacksonport property. As I wandered the gallery looking at Wence’s distinctive flat-weave designs and Sandra’s abstract, organic images, I could hear the easy hum of the couple’s […]

  • Remembering Abe and Ginka Cohn

    The Peninsula School of Art owes much to Abe Cohn and his wife Ginka, and so do I. When I began my tenure at the Peninsula School of Art, after working in nonprofits for 10 years, there was so much I didn’t know about Door County’s art history, the history of the school, and the […]

  • Len Villano, seagull

    Celebrating the Seagull

    They may not be as celebrated, but seagulls are as Door County as the cherry. They soar over our fields, nest on our shores and steal our French fries. They inspire our artists, embellish Door County t-shirts and squawk when we get too close. Maybe it’s because of those lost fries, or because of the […]