Late Summer 2014 – volume 12 issue 2

Executive Editor Madeline Harrison

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Arts & Literature Editor Sally Slattery

Contributing Editors:  Katie Dahl, Myles Dannhausen Jr., Alissa Ehmke, Brandon Elkins, Jess Farley, Steve Grutzmacher, Gary Jones, Katie Lott Schnorr, Roy Lukes, Jim Lundstrom, Sean P. Lyons, Ryan Miller, Richard Purinton, Sally Slattery, Carol Thompson, Len Villano, Patty Williamson

Photography Director Len Villano

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In this issue

  • Len Villano

    Oh, to Slip the Surly Bonds

    Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth, And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I’ve climbed and joined the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds – And done a hundred things you have not dreamed of – Wheeled and soared and swung high in the sunlit silence. Hovering there I’ve chased the shouting […]

  • Disc Golfing at Sugar Creek County Park

    Door County’s Sugar Creek Park, located in the Town of Gardner, has a special secret you deserve to know about:  its disc golf course. “It’s really a nice addition to the park,” says Erik Aleson, Door County Parks & Airport Director. “There was an undeveloped portion of the woods that was left in its natural […]

  • Len Villano

    Loving the Game

    The scenario could not, on face value, be more improbable:  starting a semi-pro football team on a rather remote peninsula with a year-round population of less than 28,000 individuals. But that is exactly what three friends, with years of experience playing semi-pro football, did last year. And not only did they start a team from […]

  • Roy Lukes

    Looking for Moths

    The world of darkness for a majority of people keeps them indoors, mostly in the comfort of their homes or perhaps at a restaurant, theater or concert hall. It took several great nature writers and naturalists to introduce me to the insect wonders of darkness. The two people to whom I owe my deepest thanks […]

  • Len Villano

    Forever for Everybody: “Wintergreen Ridge”

    People who routinely drive or walk past the Baileys Harbor Community Mural (as this writer does) should be thankful for countless hours went into its preparation and execution. The 96-foot by 24-foot mural is on the northern wall of Nelson’s Shopping Center on Highway 57 in Baileys Harbor. The mellow blues, greens and browns blend […]

  • This Man Can Draw: Charles ‘Chick’ Peterson

    Legendary anchorman Walter Cronkite, a passionate sailor and appreciator of maritime art, said this of artist Charles “Chick” Peterson’s work during an international competition at Mystic Seaport’s Maritime Gallery:  “This man can draw!” “I thought he had used his power of observation and his power of communication to summarize my whole career in four words,” […]

  • Len Villano

    Working in a Large Scale

    Nathan Hatch, a 2000 graduate of Gibraltar High School who is making his mark in the art world, credits Bob Merline as the teacher who first suggested he focus on sculpture. Merline remembers Hatch as a very diligent, hard-working young man who, when he first entered Merline’s art classes, had an absolute passion for painting. […]

  • Chateau Hutter: Door County’s Grand Resort that Never Was

    Maybe it’s the name, tasting of a past barely tangible. Maybe it’s the location, nestled into the quiet stretch of shoreline between Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor along Bay Shore Drive, hiding on the scenic shortcut so many locals turn to when summer weekend traffic backs up Highway 42. Like the crumbling barns of the […]

  • Len Villano

    Boating Essentials

    For those who decide to buy or rent a boat, along with the initial expense you will need to spend plenty more money outfitting your vessel. The Bare Essentials Life jackets, flares, etc.:  If you rent a boat this will all be provided. Be sure you have the items you need to show the Coast […]

  • Len Villano

    Washington & Rock Island

    What is a potential visitor’s perception of Washington Island? This is a question I often ask myself, especially when trying to come up with marketing ads for radio or print media for the Washington Island Ferry Line, my employer of the past 40 years. There is the ferry ride, of course, pleasant enough most days, […]

  • Door County’s Islands

    Door County, this spit of the Niagara Escarpment, is truly a dynamic bit of land – in history, in culture, in nature. I’ve spent a large chunk of my life traversing and exploring this peninsula, noticing here and there the dots of land on the horizon:  Adventure Island, Horseshoe Island, Detroit Island. I might stop […]

  • Len Villano

    Door County’s Other Red Fruit – Strawberries

    The senses of taste and smell conjure up the most vivid memories, especially when you are talking strawberries. Growing up in Door County, days getting warmer and warmer, building up to summer, I recall hitting the jackpot in my own backyard – stumbling upon a patch of wild strawberries. They were so tiny, nestled in […]

  • Len Villano

    Pleasing Palate Pairings

    Mae West said, “Between two evils, I always pick the one I haven’t tried before.” I like to take her advice when it comes to cocktails. Pair them with seasonal hors d’oeuvres, invite over a few friends, and put on some tunes. Here’s to summer in Door County! Beetini My grandfather’s advice:  “Don’t drink martinis […]

  • Len Villano

    Homesteading in Door County with Artist Pamela Murphy

    A day in artist Pamela Murphy’s life isn’t just wrapped up in canvas, paint and brushes. Instead, she starts each morning milking her Nigerian Dwarf goats, feeding her chickens, geese, rabbits, ducks and turkeys, then moves on to weeding and watering her vegetable gardens before finding time for the studio. Murphy and her husband John […]

  • Portrait of a Golfer

    As the much-anticipated spring begins its seasonal assimilation on Wisconsin’s premier peninsula, local athletes and outdoor enthusiasts prepare for recreational activities on the recently thawed lake and park grounds. None are happier than Mary Aiken, who can finally break out her favorite TaylorMade driver and Callaway iron on the lush greens of Door County’s alluring […]

  • Pausing with Poetry

    Door County boasts a thriving poetry scene – weekly readings, long-established critique groups, even its very own Poet Laureate to promote the ancient art throughout the county. Door County’s tight-knit community of poets pen poems as diverse as this community and its inhabitants, calling upon memories, figures of their past, drawing inspiration from the landscape, […]

  • Door County Songwriters on Songwriting

    Ask an American musician where the hot spots for songwriting are these days, and they’ll likely name a large metropolitan area:  New York, Chicago, Boston. But despite its small population and remote location, Door County is quietly making a name for itself as a prime spot for songwriters. By this author’s count, there are as […]

  • Len Villano

    The ‘Harbor Barber’ Who Once Hated Haircuts

    When Willard Zak was a little boy, he hated getting haircuts. “I’d almost run away from home to avoid it,” he said. His father, who had to drop out of barber school during the Depression, cut his children’s hair, and as Willard grew a little older, he had a change of heart, deciding it was […]