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Late Summer 2015 – volume 13 issue 2

Executive Editor
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In this issue

  • How Jacksonport Got Its Name

    The Town of Jacksonport might just as easily have been known as Harrisport or Reynoldsport, according to the venerable Door County historian Hjalmar R. Holand.

  • Island Home Built with Aging Couple in Mind

    On a continuum scale with “A Step Back in Time” at one end and “Cutting Edge” at the other, Washington Island’s indicator arrow falls decidedly toward the anachronistic (if you haven’t been fortunate enough to visit, think screen doors and rolling stops and baseball games on Sunday afternoons). When Lucia and Pete Petrie hired architect […]

  • Sturgeon Bay is World’s Bass Capital

    “When an 8.45-pound fish wins big bass — and that fish is a smallmouth — heads turn. That’s exactly what happened at a local tournament on this section of Lake Michigan last year. In that very same two-day tournament, it took 67.13 pounds to win (an average of almost 34 pounds per day). If you […]

  • A Sport Built On Determination

    Born on the sidewalks of California in the late 1940s by surfers looking for something to do when the waves were flat (according to Skateboarding Magazine), skateboarding has cruised its way into the mainstream sports category alongside basketball, baseball and football. For the first few decades, its popularity ebbed and flowed, largely driven by the […]

  • Biggest, Finest, Fairest

    There was a time in the not-too-distant past when the end of summer was signaled in Door County by the arrival of the Door County Fair. The county fair of yesteryear was an event big enough to garner a sizable portion of front-page news, as indicated by the Door County Advocate headlines (opposite) announcing the […]

  • Historic Door County Summer Camps

    Happy campers…Door County was full of them in the 1920s. Its forests, fields and bays reverberated with Reveille at dawn and Taps at dusk. From the Mabel Katherine Pearse modern dance camp on Washington Island to the rustic Adventure Island Camp off the shores of Ephraim to Camp Meenahga in Peninsula State Park, Door County […]

  • The Toft Family and The Places They Called Home

    Most people in Door County are likely familiar with the name Emma Toft. Some of them probably know that the Baileys Harbor house associated with her was, until recently, occupied by the Red Geranium Gift Shop. But Emma, “Wisconsin’s first lady of conservation,” has been gone for 33 years, and memories fade. Many may not […]

  • A Dream Green Home

    A very public transformation took place recently on Alabama Street in Sturgeon Bay when a drafty summer cottage sitting on a canal to the bay was carefully torn down and a sturdy, super-efficient year-round home was erected in its place. “The old house was cute and everybody loved it, but there was no insulation to […]

  • The Fossils of Door County

    If there was one time when I really got turned onto the mystery and fun of searching for, finding and learning about fossils, it was when I was working for the Kewaunee Highway Department during the summer of 1950. A crew was building a new road somewhere north of Luxemburg and the quarry from which […]

  • Meet Death in Door County Authors

    A number of authors have used the Door County peninsula as a setting for their fiction; among the earliest and best known to do so is LaVyrle Spencer in her 1990 romance Bitter Sweet. But more recently, murder mysteries have scattered their clues on the terrain. Patricia Skalka’s Death Stalks Door County (2014) is the […]

  • Kim Souther: Door County’s Avant-Garde Cellist

    When Kim Souther was in sixth grade, she sat down with her band teacher and expressed her interest in switching from piano to oboe. She loved the mellow sounds of the instrument in Peter and the Wolf, the musical children’s story written by Sergei Prokofiev, and wanted to emulate that sound for her school band. […]

  • Smokin’!

    Ask Kansas City or Memphis about barbecue tourism. They’ve known for years there is money to be made in smoked meats. Plenty of other places are establishing themselves as ’cue destinations, such as Alabama, where the state Tourism Department declared 2015 the Year of Barbecue, and Washington Island, where Death’s Door BBQ draws competitive BBQ […]

  • Door County’s Peter Pan: Dave Ellmann

    For most of the past 40 years, Dave Ellmann has rolled into Door County in May, fresh off a winter waiting tables in Florida or Hawaii, back to do the same here, his Door County Farmhouse waiting for his return. The anticipation of summer buzzes, calling Ellmann home, where he is a walking, breathing symbol […]

  • Pucker Up!

    In the essay “Diplomatic Pay and Clothes,” Mark Twain writes: “A minister was trying to create influential friends for a project which might be worth tens of millions a year to the agriculturists of the Republic; and our Government had furnished ham and lemonade to persuade the opposition with. The minister did not succeed….Any experienced […]

  • Mother Nature’s Artist – Algoma’s Kirsten Christianson

    When Algoma environmental artist and teacher Kirsten Christianson walks the shore of Lake Michigan, observing the ebb and flow of the water, the crisp color of the sky, the bright leaves of summer trees, she is noting nature’s structure as much as she is appreciating it. When she returns home, she will bring those mental […]

  • Tomato Zucchini Bake and More Tomato Recipes

    In my opinion, the tomato is the most versatile fresh ingredient in the world. They are delicious when eaten raw like an apple, in salads, roasted, baked, sautéed, marinated, pan fried…they are just so good. And there are so many different kinds: Amelia, Arkansas Traveler, Baby Cakes, Beefmaster, Big Boy, Black Pearl, Box Car Willie, […]

  • A Sculptor’s Life: The Evolving Work of Deb Dendler

    Deb Dendler has always had an interest in using her artistic talents to demonstrate the human condition. It is evident in the dozens of terracotta, bronze and relief sculptures lining the shelves of her countryside art studio in Fish Creek. These sculptures are more than lumps of clay, porcelain and bronze shaped to represent her […]

  • A Sea of Grass

    Golf is tricky. Immensely tricky. One of the trickiest games out there, they say. Anyone who has flopped a wedge before will tell you so. The root of that trickiness, however, is also the trickiest of delusions, as it is commonly attributed to the player’s brain, body, instruments or some tricky combination of the three. […]