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Peninsula Pulse – March 25 – April 1, 2016

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  • Submissions Being Accepted for Local Producers Guide

    Do you grow vegetables or create products right here in Door County with local resources? Then you should be in our 2016 Local Producers guide, part of our 10th annual Sustainability Issue coming out April 22. Last year’s list included 70 businesses that produce and sell local products, including vegetables, meat and packaged products created […]

  • Raku Firing, Spring Hikes & More Weekend Plans

    Usher in the first full month of spring with a gallery open house, pig auction or some good ol’ fashioned line dancing with our top picks for the weekend ahead. Friday, April 1 Gallery Open House Head to Steele Street in Algoma for Clay on Steele’s family-fun open house. There will be Raku firing, wheel […]

  • Gardening For Bees And Other Pollinators

    Annie Deutsch will present some interesting and informative tips on the basics of planting for attracting pollinators at the next Door County Bee Keepers Club meeting on Tuesday, March 29 at 6:30 pm at The Ridges Sanctuary, 8166 WI-57, Baileys Harbor. Annie is the Agricultural Agent for Door County UW-Extension in Sturgeon Bay. Open to the Public. Free will donation.

  • Obituary: Harold Francis Gerdmann, Jr.

    Harold Francis Gerdmann, Jr., 78, of Jacksonport, died March 22, 2016. He was born March 26, 1937 in Nasewaupee, the son of Harold Francis Gerdmann, Sr. and Vergil Caroline Susan (Coply Sawdo) Gerdmann. Harold attended Sturgeon Bay High School into his sophomore year and graduated from Kewaunee High School in 1955. He then worked for Lesee […]

  • Obituary: Virginia K. Olson

    Virginia K. Olson died March 15, 2016. She was born to Elizabeth M. and Joseph E. Frank in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on January 17, 1927. “Jinx” graduated from South Milwaukee High School in 1945 and received her undergraduate degree from La Crosse College (now University of Wisconsin-La Crosse), in 1949. She received her masters degree from […]

  • Obituary: Elsie Gayle Foster

    Elsie Gayle Foster, 94, formerly of San Diego, CA, passed away on March 17, 2016, at Good Samaritan Scandia Village in Sister Bay, Wisconsin. She was born on September 24, 1921, in East Tawas, Michigan. Gayle was the second of three daughters born to Frederick James Adams and Elsie Marie Lange Adams of East Tawas. […]

  • Births: March 25, 2016

    Melissa and Jonathon Massart are the parents of a daughter born on March 14, 2016, at Ministry Door County Medical Center, Sturgeon Bay. Maternal grandparents are Vicki and Merville Purdy, Forestville. Paternal grandparent is Dianne Massart, Algoma.   Tiffany and Jason Huston of Algoma are the parents of a son born on March 13, 2016, […]

  • By the Numbers: March Madness

      0 Cost of entry to the three-day March Madness Music Festival to be held in Houston April 1-3, featuring Maroon 5.   1.2 Percentage of college basketball players who are drafted by an NBA team.   75 Percentage of college basketball players who believe they will play professional basketball.   50 The percentage increase […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Vote for Bhirdo

    A very important election is coming up on April 5. Yes, it is very important to choose wisely in the presidential primaries, but even more important is your local election for the Village Board of Trustees. They are the people most directly responsible to you for the smooth operation of your village. By contacting Christy […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Open Letter to Mayor Birmingham

    On Tuesday, March 8, I emailed to you to relate my concerns about hate speech, and I asked for your thoughts about the published derision and implicit legal threats which I viewed as very near to public incitement to violence and thus citizen endangerment, which were directed against the Friends of Sturgeon Bay Public Waterfront. […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Republican Party Trumpery

    The Republicans in Congress are getting what they deserve. Trumpery as defined in the American Heritage Dictionary: showy but worthless finery; bric-a-brac; nonsense; rubbish; deception; trickery; fraud. While Barack Obama has been our U.S. president the GOP in Congress has obstructed nearly every good proposal he introduced. They operated in a way to make Congress […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes for Sturgeon Bay Schools

    Great communities are defined by a multitude of factors – one of them being excellent schools. Sturgeon Bay has a long history of an excellent school system going back many, many years. I am writing this letter to encourage Sturgeon Bay residents to keep their schools great by voting YES on the upcoming referendum. Our […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Don’t Budge on the Budget

    As you can tell by the recent mailing, it’s time for the tri-annual slap in the face by the Sturgeon Bay School District, flaunting its inability to operate its business of education in a fiscally sound manner as a badge of honor instead of calling it what it is: poor fiscal management. And our elected […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Do Your Job

    True to form, Congress again refuses to do their job. They say “no” again for the umpteenth time. From the very beginning when Mitch McConnell said we are going to make Obama a one-term president and we are not going to cooperate, they have been true to their word. Their political strategy of never-ending obstructionism […]

  • Climate Change Shifting Wine Grape Harvests

    During a study of wine grape harvest dates from 1600 to 2007, researchers discovered harvests began shifting dramatically earlier during the latter half of the 20th century. These shifts were caused by changes in the connection between climate and harvest timing. While earlier harvests from 1600 to 1980 occurred in years with warmer and drier […]

  • Shade Tree Offered for National Arbor Day

    National Arbor Day is Friday, April 29, this year, and the Arbor Day Foundation is making it easy for anyone to celebrate the annual tree-planting holiday. Join the Foundation in April and receive 10 free shade trees. By joining the Foundation in April, new members receive the following trees: red oak, sugar maple, weeping willow, […]

  • Science Snippet: Viruses and Bacteria May Remain Hidden in Bodies

      Even after powerful drugs eliminate disease-causing viruses and bacteria from blood, many of these agents can “hide away” in various compartments in the body. The average human body is made up of 37.2 trillion individual cells, which is at least 800 trillion more than the known galaxies in the universe. There must be lots […]

  • Featured Pet: Mya

    This is Mya, a one-year-old beautiful female Terrier mix that’s full of energy and life. She loves to play all day long and doesn’t have any other speed than “full throttle.” Often compared to the Energizer Bunny, Mya is still very much in a playful puppy mindset. She has a light warm toffee-colored coat embellished […]

  • Coordinated Community Response Column: Domestic Violence & Pet Abuse

    By Anni Lampert, Program Coordinator, Leadership Door County Imagine you are in a relationship where verbal attacks on your looks, your intelligence, your choice of career or friends, your family – anything near to your heart – go from happening once in a great while to much more often. “Oh, I can handle his nonsense. […]

  • Clean Water Action Council Plans Conference to Promote Farm Tourism

    The Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin and Wisconsin Farmers Union are presenting a conference for farmers, members of the tourist industry, and residents to learn how agritourism can increase farm income while helping to maintain rural countryside. “Agritourism-Promoting Our Rural Sense of Place” will be held on April 5 from 11 am – […]

  • Commentary: Reflections on the DNR’s ‘Do Not Respond’ Blacklist

    By Nancy Utesch Can you imagine anything more volatile within a government agency, our Department of Natural Resources, than a Do Not Respond blacklist of people, kept and updated since 2013? The blacklist is a direct restriction on our rights to an open and transparent government, and access to public government documents and employees. The […]

  • Municipal News: March 25 – April 1

    City of Sturgeon Bay: The Finance/Purchasing & Building Committee meets at 4 pm on March 29. County of Door: The Legislative Committee meets at 3 pm on March 30. Rep. Joel Kitchens will be at the meeting to discuss issues from the last legislative session as well as to plan for the next session. Village […]

  • How to Hire Your Summer Staff

    Door County winters are the time to slow your pace, reconnect with friends and family, and indulge in some very overdue me time. But now we are past the midway point of March and the tourist season is only a few months away. While we may wish for more time, reality has something very different […]

  • How Schools Communicate with the Community

    During any unexpected event, from a changed meeting location to a natural disaster, parents want to know that schools will communicate with them quickly, effectively and truthfully. The days of phone chains, where a string of communication filtered from the administration down to each child’s household with individual phone calls, are gone. They have been […]

  • The Climate Corner: Climate Change’s Unseen Consensus

    By Anthony Leiserowitz, Ph.D., School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University In the history of science, there have been few instances in which almost all experts in a particular field were in complete agreement. Climate change is one of those instances. Nearly two decades of research has converged on the following fact: More than […]

  • Price Report: Terrorism and Markets

    Big global events typically have a strong effect on the global markets. The 2008 housing bubble burst in the United States brought the world economy to its knees. But terrorism doesn’t have quite the same effect. After the attacks in Brussels earlier this week, markets only rebounded a bit before recovering later in the same […]

  • Baldwin Calls on Walker to Restore Food Assistance

    Representative Joel Kitchens Kitchens received an award at the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners (WACO) State Convention in Stevens Point for his efforts in passing Assembly Bill 174, which helps to protect campground owners in cases where a camper is injured at no fault of the campground owner. Private campground owners will no longer need […]

  • Scholarships, Inc. Accepting Applications

    Scholarships, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides assistance and encouragement to area students as they explore higher education opportunities, is currently accepting scholarship applications from area high school seniors. Applications are due by Thursday, April 7, at 11:59 pm. Students attending a high school in Brown or Door counties are eligible to apply for all […]

  • Trivia: What’s the Oldest Sandhill Crane on Record?

    Question: How old was the oldest Sandhill Crane on record? Answer: At least 36 years old. According to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, it was originally banded in Wyoming in 1973 and was found in New Mexico in 2010.

  • Roy Lukes: The Unwelcomed Cowbird

    There is a bird that has been wintering in the South that will very likely be visiting your feeders before the end of the month. You can bet your bottom dollar that not many people will be rolling out the red carpet to welcome back the brown-headed cowbird. However, like them or not, they are […]

  • Red Cross Needs O Negative Blood Donors

    The American Red Cross has a significant need for type O negative blood donors to donate blood for patients. Type O negative blood can be transfused to patients with any blood type and is often used in emergency situations. While less than seven percent of the U.S. population has type O negative blood, hospitals depend […]

  • The Bestseller List: March 25, 2016

    TRADE PAPERBACK FICTION 1. My Brilliant Friend, by Elena Ferrante 2. A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman 3. A Little Life, by Hanya Yanagihara 4. Ordinary Grace, by William Kent Krueger 5. Brooklyn, by Colm Tóibín TRADE PAPERBACK NONFICTION   1. H Is for Hawk, by Helen Macdonald 2. The Boys in the Boat, […]

  • County Board OKs $9,995,000 For Ambulance Station, Human Services Resource Center

    At its monthly meeting on March 22, the Door County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve a resolution authorizing the issuance of general obligation bonds or promissory notes not to exceed $9,995,000 for the cost of constructing and equipping a central ambulance station and human services resource center. Several supervisors questioned the need for […]

  • Joel Kitchens to Visit County Legislative Committee

    City of Sturgeon Bay: The Finance/Purchasing & Building Committee meets at 4 pm on March 29. County of Door: The Legislative Committee meets at 3 pm on March 30. Rep. Joel Kitchens will be at the meeting to discuss issues from the last legislative session as well as to plan for the next session. Village […]

  • Easy Winter Kicks Off Bird Survey Early

    Thanks to an easy winter, volunteer sightings of species breeding early are coming in daily for a statewide breeding bird survey. “Reports are coming in to the Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II detailing early nesting activities. Sandhill cranes and northern cardinals are pairing up, crows and ravens are building nests, and great horned owls and […]

  • David L. Weber Announces Circuit Judge Candidacy

    Sturgeon Bay native David L. Weber, lead litigation attorney at Pinkert Law Firm (PLF), is the second announced candidate for the position of Door County Circuit judge to replace Judge Peter Diltz, who is retiring on May 11. “My main purpose in running is simply to serve the community which has been so good to […]

  • Cheers!: No Phyllis in This Schlafly

    Anyone remember right-wing activist and anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly, the woman who expended so much energy to help defeat the Equal Rights Amendment with her 1970s-era Stop ERA movement? She liked to open her speeches with provocative statements such as, “I’d like to thank my husband for letting me be here tonight.” I was reminded of […]

  • Kitchens Bids for State-Level Groundwater Study

    A proposed legislative council study on the groundwater contamination in northeast Wisconsin has made it past the first few cuts and may put state-level power behind finding solutions. The proposal from Representative Joel Kitchens is among nearly 100 ideas for interim study by the state Legislative Council. If selected, legislators and local citizens will study […]

  • Sevastopol Schools Second in State for Math Scores

    Sevastopol School ranked second in the state for mathematics test scores in the 2014-15 school year. Data from the Department of Public Instruction listed 55 percent of Sevastopol students with advanced test scores on the Badger Exam given to students in third through eighth grade. The leading district in mathematics scores was Swallow School District […]

  • Manners Matter: Bosses Are Always Going to be Bosses

    Dear Mary Pat, My daughter is disenchanted with her job and her boss. She’s been out of college for eight years now and is working in her field and makes a great living. I understand how hard it is to work and raise a daughter at the same time. Life has its challenges. Between her […]

  • Kewaunee County News Bulletin: March 25 – April 1

    Kewaunee County will perform monthly siren tests on the first Wednesday of each month at approximately 11:45 am. The sirens are for outdoor warning only, and are not intended to be heard inside a home or business. To be warned indoors about severe weather, the Kewaunee County Emergency Management office recommends that each residence have […]

  • Welcoming Spring “Peepers”

    It really isn’t spring until we hear the peeping choruses of tiny frogs, which, for obvious reasons, are called spring peepers. That usually happens around Good Friday, an odd coincidence because the species name for forest dwelling frog is “crucifer.” Because early scientists often had strong religious affiliations, the name probably refers to the distinct […]

  • Overheard and Obsessions: Mar. 25, 2016

    OVERHEARD Are there tid-bits of conversations you’ve heard while standing in line at the grocery store, serving a table, or walking down the sidewalk that make you smile, cringe or laugh out loud?   “Anyone ever been stuck in a roomful of philosophizing jocks? I just was.”   “The hairy chest caught me by surprise. […]

  • City of Sturgeon Bay Logo

    Sturgeon Bay Mayor, Council Candidates Give Their Priorities

    For anyone who has been paying attention, the Sturgeon Bay elections are a reflection of citizen activism that began in November 2014 with the city’s revelation of a private developer’s plans to build a hotel as part of the Westside Waterfront Redevelopment project. Suddenly, city council meetings became standing room only events, with citizens charging […]

  • Framed: Cub Scouts of Gibraltar Pack 4120

    U.S. Army First Sergeant Eric Peil, a veteran of the Iraq War (two combat deployments), leads the Cub Scouts of Gibraltar Pack 4120 in a flag retirement ceremony March 15 at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall. Prior to the ceremony, Peil led a presentation about care of the flag and a hands-on flag folding exercise. […]

  • Server of the Week: Vanessa Williquette at The Spa at Sacred Grounds

    Does your back ache? Are your muscles sore? A visit to Vanessa Williquette should be in store. A massage therapist at The Spa at Sacred Grounds She’s a wonderful person to have around!   From the very moment that you arrive You’ll be captivated by her free-spirit vibe. She’s a singer, dancer and actor who […]

  • DNR Ramping Up Efforts to Address Kewaunee County Water Issues

    The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is ramping up its efforts to work with stakeholder groups to address ongoing water quality issues in Kewaunee County. In July 2015, the DNR – working in concert with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – formed four work groups comprised of local, state and federal stakeholders to study and […]

  • Questions & Artists: Susan Reynolds-Smith

    My artist friend Jim Leatham has, for the past two years, had an oil painting class at his studio in Sister Bay. I visit with Jim sometimes painting in his studio and am always interested in seeing the work of his students. Susan Reynolds-Smith, one of his students, has work that essentially has shown a […]

  • Lake Michigan Anglers Need to Be Flexible

    Lake Michigan anglers increased their efforts and reeled in greater numbers of native species including lake trout and walleye in 2015, even as the overall sport fish harvest declined due to lower catches of salmon and stocked trout. Results from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ 2015 survey of anglers on Lake Michigan bear out […]

  • High School Spring Athletics: March 25, 2016

    GIBRALTAR   Baseball April 1 vs. Reedsville, 4:30 pm   Softball April 1 vs. Reedsville, 4:30 pm   Track and Field March 29 – Invitational @ UW – Oshkosh, Kolf Sports Center, 4 pm   SEVASTOPOL   Baseball March 29 vs. Crivitz, 4:30 pm   Softball March 29 vs. Crivitz, 4:30 pm   Track and […]

  • Gibraltar’s DECA Team Wins Multiple Awards at State Conference

    Six Gibraltar DECA members attended the State Career Development Conference March 8-10 in Lake Geneva. Gibraltar DECA earned Community Service and Acts of Kindness awards for their projects that benefit the GO BO Foundation and DOOR CANcer, Inc. The team of Bradley Prust and Derek Beard earned medals in the Financial Services Team role play […]

  • Local Students/Educators Recognized by Herb Kohl Foundation

    The selection committee for the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation Scholarship, Fellowship, and Leadership Program has announced recipients of the 2016 Herb Kohl Foundation awards for students, teachers and principals. Awardees from Door and Kewaunee Counties are: Initiative Scholars 2016 – Texas Kinnard, Forestville, Southern Door High School; Nathan Picus, Kewaunee, Kewaunee High School; Teacher Fellows […]

  • Congregation Constructs Garden of Gethsemane at Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church

    During services this Lent, the Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church (UMC) has been worshipping in the Garden of Gethsemane. Members of the congregation constructed the Garden, complete with “rocks” and “paths,” to help illustrate the stories of the last few days of Christ’s life. Several larger shrubs and trees form the background and give a […]

  • Public School and District Results from Badger, DLM, ACT Plus Writing Exams Available Online

    Data dashboards with public school- and district-level results from the 2014-15 administration of the Badger, Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM), and ACT Plus Writing exams are now available through the WISEdash Public Portal ( Statewide results, which were reported in January, can be found online (ACT and Badger). “We have opened doors for high school students […]

  • “Slide-Step into Spring” with Thumbs Up Riders

    The Glacial Drumlin Horse Trail Association Thumps Up Riders will present “Slide-Step into Spring” on April 3 at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall, 1:30 – 5 pm. There will be walking tacos and libations for purchase, bucket raffle, 50/50 raffle, and country line dancing with instruction by Chuck Hass. All proceeds will benefit the Baileys […]

  • Door County Civility Project’s “Speak Your Peace” Series Ends April 4

    The last session of the Door County Civility Project’s four-part series of Speak Your Peace is April 4, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, in the Jane Green Room at the Sturgeon Bay Door County Library. Newspapers and radio continue to be important methods of communication in local communities. Now there are more people than ever using […]

  • Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay Hosts NCAA Basketball Finals Fundraiser

    The Rotary Club of Sturgeon Bay will host the 14th Annual NCAA Basketball Finals at the Door County Fire Company in Sturgeon Bay on April 4. The event will once again support scholarships for graduating students from Door County’s five high schools, and support the Service Above Self Scholars and the Muckian Award Scholars. Tickets […]

  • “Jewelry Is Fun” Sale at Ministry Door County Medical Center

    Door County Medical Center Auxiliary will hold a “Jewelry Is Fun” event in the main lobby of the Ministry Door County Medical Center (MDCMC) on April 4, 10 am – 3:30 pm, and April 5, 9 am – 2 pm. There will be jewelry, watches, wallets and scarfs on sale for $5.99. Credit and debit […]

  • Next Memory Café at Sturgeon Bay United Methodist is April 4

    The Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church is celebrating Parkinson Disease Awareness month at their meeting on April 7, 12:30 – 2 pm. The support group is celebrating Parkinson Disease Awareness Month with a speaker from the Parkinson Advocacy Program. Kathy Degrave will travel here from Michigan to talk about how to advocate for oneself when […]

  • Modern Day Drifters to Perform for Saints Peter & Paul Church Fundraiser

    A fundraiser, complete with dinner and dancing, for Saints Peter & Paul Church’s maintenance fund will be held at Mr. G’s on April 9. Dinner (plated broasted chicken and ham) will be served at 6:30 pm and the cost is $20. The entry fee for dancing is $5; tickets can be purchased at the door. […]

  • NWTC to Host Financial Aid Night in Luxemburg

    Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) is here to answer questions about financial aid and help students file their FAFSA forms on April 13, 4 – 5 pm. The College is hosting Financial Aid Night at the NWTC Regional Learning Center in Luxemburg. Students should come with the following: For Summer 2016 semester – 2015-16 FAFSA, […]

  • Rummage Sale at Jaycee Clubhouse Benefits Humane Society

    The time has come for Door County Humane Society’s (DCHS) annual rummage sale, and the community is invited to donate unwanted items to DCHS and to come find their next treasures. Drop-off for items to donate is April 14, 4:30 – 7:30 pm, at the Jaycee Clubhouse in Sturgeon Bay. Items should be new or […]

  • Caregiving Is Next Topic of Community Health Information Program

    Northern Door Health & Wellness Ministry continues its Community Health Information Programs with “Caregiving: Finding Your Way As A Caregiver Or A Friend” on April 17, 4 pm, at First Baptist Church in Sister Bay. Kathleen Kerwin and Carolyn Hitzeman will tell their unique stories of how they became caregivers and share their experience including […]

  • Joel Kitchens to Speak at Door-Tran’s Annual Meeting

    The public is invited to Door-Tran’s annual meeting on April 20, 9:30 – 11 am, at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at 1756 Michigan Street in Sturgeon Bay. The guest speaker at the meeting is Representative Joel Kitchens. Registration and refreshments begin at 9 am. Know someone with transportation needs? Want to be informed of […]

  • NexGen Plans Interactive Art Project for Young Professionals

    On March 29, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, NexGen is planning an event with live music and an interactive art project at Frozen Spoon in Sturgeon Bay. NexGen is participating in the statewide Young Professionals Week with two events in April. YPWeek is a week-long platform for discovery, adventure and meaningful conversations about the issues that […]

  • Palmer Johnson Auctions Off Tools and Other Materials

    The Palmer Johnson Yacht Business Dispersal Online Auction ends March 29 & 30. This auction will liquidate the woodworking tools for the company that closed its Sturgeon Bay location last fall. Most of the items are located at 128 Kentucky St., Sturgeon Bay, and will be available for viewing on March 28, 10 am – […]

  • Door County Brewing Company to Introduce Sideshow IPA this April

    This April, after many months of recipe experimentation and refinement, Door County Brewing Company introduces Sideshow IPA to join its core lineup of year-round beers. Sideshow, which the brewery calls a “Door County Style IPA,” blends a traditional IPA recipe with the Belgian yeast strain unique to the brewery. Head Brewer Danny McMahon showcases both […]

  • Tom Salentine to Retire after 46 Years with Van’s Lumber

    Tom Salentine will retire from his position as job coordinator on March 31 after 46 years with Van’s Lumber. Salentine started at Van’s in 1970 as a laborer and worked his way up to foreman in 1973, then to his current position of job coordinator in 1976. Throughout his time at Van’s, Salentine witnessed a […]

  • Door County Homebrew Championship Returns to Beer Festival

    The Door County Homebrew Championship is back for 2016 as part of the Door County Beer Festival. Homebrewers can enter beers in one of 12 categories to be judged by a panel of beer aficionados and experts. Each entry will be judged by at least one Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judge or industry professional. […]

  • “A Walk in the Woods” Opens March 31 at TAP

    Opening night for Third Avenue Playhouse’s latest production, A Walk in the Woods, is scheduled for March 31 at 7:30 pm. The opening night performance will benefit Crossroads at Big Creek. Set in a peaceful wooded area outside of Geneva, Switzerland, and based on actual events, A Walk in the Woods (nominated for both the […]

  • Director Needed for Isadoora Theatre Company 2016 Production

    Isadoora Theatre Company is looking for directors as it plans its first production for early summer 2016, Richard Greenberg’s Three Days of Rain. Three Days of Rain was commissioned and produced by Orange County California’s South Coast Repertory in 1997. The title comes from a line from W. S. Merwin’s poem, “For the Anniversary of […]

  • Lawrence University’s Violin Studio to Perform at Björklunden

    Lawrence University’s Björklunden will host a joint concert on April 3 at 1:30 pm. The violin studio of Professor Samantha George will perform duets, trios and quartets by composers from all of the style periods. Players have enjoyed their time at Björklunden refining chamber music skills and performance techniques. The Lawrence University Flute Ensemble is […]

  • Door County Adventure Center Now Offers Mink River Eco Adventures

    Get ready to experience the outdoors through nature-based activities with Door County Adventure Center, now offering Mink River Eco Adventures. During this overnight camp experience, campers will explore the natural environment in a safe and exciting setting where participants can develop life skills and make new friends. Camp is scheduled for Aug. 2 – 4 […]

  • Eggs Are the Focus of Crossroads’ EGGstravaganza

    Crossroads at Big Creek’s traditional EGGstravaganza, scheduled for the afternoon of March 26, is not an egg hunt, though finding the entrance to Crossroads might seem like a hunt during the construction of the roundabout on Michigan Street. During the EGGstravaganza, Crossroads, in collaboration with the Door County Historical Society, celebrates eggs with educational activities. […]

  • “Quilts Around the Library” at the Sturgeon Bay Branch

    The Sturgeon Bay Library is hosting the “Quilts Around the Library” event on April 12, 10 am – 1 pm. Come be inspired by colorful creativity while viewing beautiful, handmade, full-size quilts on display around the balcony railing of the Sturgeon Bay library. Members of the Door County Quilters Guild will be working on smaller […]

  • “Garden Rooms & Structures” Discussed at April 12 Master Gardeners Meeting

    The April 12 Door County Master Gardeners Continuing Education Program is “Garden Rooms & Structures” with guest speaker Tom Luebker. The program begins at 7 pm at Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay. Garden design and practices throughout the United States are steeped in European origins. In 1900, during the arts and craft movement, […]

  • 2016 Door County Easter Egg Hunts (Updated 3-25-16)

    Baileys Harbor The Baileys Harbor Community Association is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt at 10 am on Saturday, March 26 at Baileys Harbor Town Hall. The egg hunt is for children ages 6 and under but kids of all ages are invited to participate in egg dyeing and other craft projects. A $5 donation is […]

  • Turtle Ridge to Offer More Art Camps

    After the smashing success of their first Art Camp, Turtle Ridge is offering a second session in April. Art Camp II – Make Your Own Bag will focus on construction techniques. Participants will take one pattern and choose to construct a bag to fit their lifestyle: a backpack, a tote or a crossbody. Come for […]

  • Closing Reception for PenArt’s We LOVE Art Children’s Exhibition

    Peninsula School of Art invites the public to step back in time while celebrating today’s young artists at a free closing reception for the exhibition We LOVE Art: Door County Time Travelers on April 2, 10 am – noon. The exhibition features the work of students from Door County elementary and secondary schools, including Gibraltar […]

  • New Collection of Soft Glass Jewelry at Plum Bottom

    Plum Bottom Pottery & Gallery is now featuring the newest collection of soft glass jewelry from Santa Fe artist Greta Cannon. Cannon’s work in soft glass is easy to wear and beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Each piece features handcrafted sterling sliver beads wrapped in Japanese Washi paper then sealed in enamel, making these […]

  • Dendler Sculpture Published, Honored and Inducted at Copley Society of Art

    Deborah Dendler, local sculptor, was designated as a Distinguished Artist in ArtAscent International Art and Literary Magazine, February 2016, Volume 17. Dendler’s contemporary sculpture, “American Woman” was selected for ArtAscent’s Portrait issue, which “explores the theme ‘portraits’ via inspiring and surprising paintings, drawings and sculpture by international artists and writers,” said ArtAscent. In the more […]

  • Sturgeon Bay Artist Recognized for Beadwork Jewelry

    Beadwork artist Mary Lou Allen, of Sturgeon Bay, recently was awarded the Bronze Medal Grand Prize in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 2015 jewelry-making contest. Allen is known for her structural beaded pieces and has had her work shown and received awards in national and international juried shows and exhibitions. Her designs have also […]

  • Flying Pig Gallery Owners Moving On

    After 13 years of successfully curating gallery and garden pieces, Susan Connor and Robyn Mulhaney are looking to relocate to be more present with their family. During their time of finding new owners, Flying Pig will provide limited gallery space and hours of operation while hosting private parties, special events or happenings. They will be […]

  • Hal Prize Winner Honored by Council of Wisconsin Writers for Published Work

    Seven Wisconsin writers have been named winners of the Wisconsin Writers Awards for work published in 2015. The Council will award each winner $500 and a weeklong writing residency at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point. Honorable mentions will receive $50 each. Out-of-state judges made the selections. The Edna Ferber Fiction Book Award goes to […]