Peninsula Pulse Oct 28-Nov 4, 2022

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  • Sister Bay Aims to Close the Gaps for Pedestrians

    In the late 1980s, residential and commercial development in what some call “Uptown Sister Bay” expanded rapidly. But even as large hotels, single-family homes, a day care center, shopping and apartment complexes have been added to the landscape, nonmotorized connections for the people using those spaces were an afterthought – if they were a thought […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Thank You to All Our Election Workers

    To all Door County election workers, the League of Women Voters of Door County appreciates your dedication to the most basic and important process in our democracy, your commitment to a job that is often stressful and tedious, your willingness to accept and learn to implement procedures that are subject to frequent changes, and your […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Republican Bill Would Eliminate Efforts to Reduce Drug Costs

    In August, Congress passed the sweeping Inflation Reduction Act. That bill allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices for the first time in the program’s history and places a $2,000 out-of-pocket cap on annual drug costs for seniors on Medicare. On Sept. 27, Republican Senators Lee, Lummis, Lankford and Rubio introduced the Senate Bill S. 4953, […]

  • Letter to the Editor: To Our Democratic Friends: What Republicans Believe

    This is in answer to Cindy Nelson’s Oct. 14 “Dear Republican Friends” letter to the editor in the Peninsula Pulse. She was referring to signs that read “Fight for Freedom” and wrote that she would like to sit down and have a conversation. We would be eager to help. She wants to know what freedom […]

  • Letter to the Editor: ‘Save America!’

    I see this slogan on Republican signs, but Democrats also want to save America! We just disagree about what “America” means.  For Democrats, it is the “United States”: the “one nation, indivisible” that we salute in the Pledge of Allegiance; a unified republic, not simply a collection of independent states.  We also pledge to uphold […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Democracy Should Be Everyone’s Top Issue

    As I read letters in the Pulse and other publications, writers express concern about many issues: inflation, reproductive rights, crime. But there is only one critical issue in this election: democracy. If we do not get this election right, there may never be another truly free and fair election.  Republicans are using Donald Trump’s Big […]

  • Letter to the Editor: The Art of Critical Thinking Is Needed Today

    Peninsula Pulse editor Debra Fitzgerald’s perspective in the Oct. 14-21 issue states that “we use information to formulate beliefs, but that happens early in life as we’re creating our road map. Once a map is drawn, very few people want to change it or start another.” This in response to the large number of letters […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Pay Attention

    As we approach the coming elections, there are many things to consider. It can be overwhelming, especially with all the terrible ads on television.  Some of the earlier letters pointed out that Social Security and Medicare are on the chopping block as far as the Republican Party is concerned and our own Ron Johnson. In […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Vote for Ron Johnson

    I have met Sen. Johnson on several occasions, and I believe him to be a very sincere advocate for what Wisconsin needs right now.  He stands strong for election integrity. He is very knowledgeable about the disastrous medical response to the COVID-19 epidemic. He wants the federal government to do the things it does best: […]

  • Letter to the Editor: How Would God Vote?

    We are again saturated with political signs everywhere trying to persuade us to vote a certain way. Did you ever think about how God would vote?  Well, you will find out very soon, for we are headed into a time never seen before on the earth. We all know and have said the Lord’s Prayer […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Restore Funding for State Parks

    Dear residents of Door County, as you go to the polls this November, please take time to reflect on which candidates for our state offices will be strong advocates for supporting the maintenance and capital costs of Wisconsin state parks, including funds for the state parks in Door County. Unbeknownst to many, Wisconsin state parks […]

  • Letter to the Editor: ‘Weigh on the Water’ Protects Local Fisheries

    There is a proposal to limit bass and walleye tournaments on Sturgeon Bay to a “weigh on the water” format only when they’re held prior to June 30. The rationale for this proposal is to protect annual recruitment of these two species by limiting angling during their reproductive period. Why would any angler knowingly advocate […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Disappointed by Removal of Library Display

    I was so surprised and sorry to see that the Sturgeon Bay library’s excellent display of a baby’s development through the first nine months of its life was removed. I helped Dianne Zirbel put it up Oct. 3 between the entrance doors of the library with the library’s permission.  We learned Oct. 16 that the […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Please Choose Democracy

    For me, it’s about democracy: a way of governing that depends on the will of the people. Restricted voting is not democracy. Removing rights from specific groups of people is not democracy. Redistricting our states to falsely diminish the strength of voting areas is not democracy. State legislators refusing to discuss issues that are important […]

  • Letter to the Editor: ‘Vote for Pro-Life Candidates’

    A recent ad by Indivisible Door County titled “Did You Know …” gave us much food for thought.  Three of the points given have to do with the fact that the law prohibiting abortion is from 1849. A good law protecting human life from conception until death is ageless. The Constitution is even older.  The […]

  • Letter to the Editor: The Elephant in the Room

    As the election approaches, the Pulse has been publishing passionate letters to the editor in favor of different candidates, parties and policy positions. The beauty of our American system is that we can all enthusiastically debate these issues because of the First Amendment.  But before we decide whom we want to vote for, we must […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Democrats Do Vote for Us

    There’s been much attention paid to the “Vote for Democrats. They vote for us” sign campaign in Door, Brown and Kewaunee counties. It has spread beyond the tri-county area as people from across the state and country have requested how they could share this message in their hometowns.  This message is a unifying show of […]

  • Letter to the Editor: They Vote for Us! Really?

    I see the signs: “Vote for the Democrats – they vote for us.” It does not confuse me because I know they do not vote for me. That sign does not hide the Democrats’ destructive liberal agenda, and if you’ve focused on the political climate during the past 22 months, it’s clear what a Democratic […]

  • Interactive PFAS Data Tool Available

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has created the PFAS Interactive Data Viewer: a new, interactive tool with information about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) throughout the state.  The tool combines publicly available information from multiple sources on the DNR’s website into one tool to allow users to more easily explore locations with known […]

  • Stop and Smell the Pipe Tobacco with Author Jude Stewart

    After penning 167 pages about color and 160 more about patterns, Jude Stewart was sick of writing about things she could see. So in her latest book, she switched to a different sense: smell. “Sometimes we’re aware of smell, but not often enough, and sometimes it is acting on us in ways that we’re not […]

  • Community Composting Sites Open for Veggie Scraps

    10 drop-off sites available A Climate Change Coalition (CCC) campaign to make a difference for the community, the air, the land and the planet continued to gain traction this year. By late summer, the Door Community Compost Initiative included 10 sites, from a site in the Town of Gardner in the south to Gathering Ground […]

  • DCHS Featured Pet: Teton

    Teton is an amazing dog who’s available for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) Door County Campus. This handsome, 5-year-old boy has a “forever puppy face” that will charm any adopter. Like all dogs at WHS, Teton ( has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and he goes home with a certificate for a free […]

  • Five Compete at State 4-H Horse Expo

    Five Door County 4-H horse and pony riders qualified to compete in the recent Wisconsin State 4-H Horse Expo by earning a blue ribbon at the Door County Fair in various categories.  Reese Vogel finished with a Grand Champion and two Top 10 awards for grade 7. Alexis Tassoul placed in the Top 10 in […]

  • Nonprofit Networking

    The Door County Non-Profit Group (DCNPG) is a cooperative of members of local nonprofit organizations who gather monthly on the second Wednesday to share resources, participate in programming, foster networking opportunities and create initiatives to improve the community. The DCNPG is hosting its free, annual open house with breakfast Nov. 9, 8-9:30 am, at the […]

  • Knee Scooters and Other Types of Care

    The Benevolence Committee of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Fish Creek recently awarded a grant to Neighbor to Neighbor to purchase two knee scooters for the local nonprofit’s medical-equipment loan program, and they’ve already been purchased and are being used. The church also donated incontinence products that are ready to go out to the community. […]

  • Destination Door County Recaps Year

    About 160 Door County business leaders enjoyed a meal and conversation at Burton’s on the Bay on Oct. 18 during Destination Door County’s annual dinner, when the organization celebrated the past year’s work and shared a video that premiered at the event. Last year’s annual dinner fell on Julie Gilbert’s second day on the job. […]

  • Teen Takes Up Dyslexia Awareness

    Miss Door County’s Outstanding Teen, Claire Bohn, has partnered with the De Pere-based Bright Young Dyslexics to raise funds for youth with dyslexia. She chose dyslexia as her platform because the disorder runs in her family.  Bohn has been visiting classrooms to educate students about dyslexia and to raise awareness about the benefits of early […]

  • Salvation Army Needs Bell Ringers

    The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle holiday-season campaign is a major source of the funds that the organization uses to provide emergency services and financial support to area people who are in critical situations for rent, utilities, transportation or other urgent circumstances. All donations collected in Door County stay in the county. Consider volunteering to ring […]

  • 84 New AEDs Double County’s Inventory

    The Door County Fire Chiefs Association’s campaign has raised $79,898 – along with a $75,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor – to add 84 new automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) to the county. The number is double the inventory that the county had prior to the campaign launch.  The lifesaving benefit of access to an AED […]

  • The Ninth Tool of Civility: Take Responsibility

    by ORLAINE I. GABERT           The final tool of civility is Take Responsibility. We’ve all purchased a variety of tools over time. Some we’ve used a few times, some for a while, others every day. This last tool asks us to maintain an attitude of civility by using the other eight […]

  • CCR: October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: My Story

    by ANNI LAMPERT In the spring, I retired from victim advocacy at HELP of Door County, but the pull to remain connected to the people doing the work remains strong, so now I’m a part-time executive assistant. Like most people who are attracted to advocacy, I experienced coercive control in a relationship long ago, although […]

  • Local Dentist Earns Fellowship Status

    Dr. John T. Sledge of Dentistry by Design in Sister Bay has earned Fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, a nonprofit, global dental-education organization committed to improving dental implantology and communicating scientific knowledge about it. Fellowship designation requires active members to obtain formal dental-implant education and training, display proficiency in surgical and […]

  • ExacTech Recruiting Welders with Paid, On-the-job Training

    Made in Door County A shortage of workers who have specific skills has caused some local manufacturers to get creative with their recruitment efforts. Such is the case with ExacTech at 107 E. Walnut St. in Sturgeon Bay. The company is paying to train people to become welders, with no prior welding experience required. ExacTech […]

  • Journalists in the Making

    The Peninsula Pulse’s Myles Dannhausen Jr. visited the third- and fourth-grade multi-age class at Gibraltar Elementary Oct. 20 to help the students with their class newspaper. Dannhausen gave a presentation and some editing tips for the students’ articles. The budding journalists are doing such a great job of creating their own newspaper that we almost […]

  • CNC Program Up and Running at Sevastopol

    NWTC and the Sevastopol School District unveiled the first CNC machining program in the area, through which students can earn college credit before graduating from high school. The Oct. 27 opening celebrated the students and community partners who have been instrumental in making the new facility and program possible. The project also received an anonymous […]

  • Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding Evolves as Big Employer, Better Neighbor

    Made in Door County Sturgeon Bay’s largest employer keeps expanding the business and doing so in a tidier fashion than it did during the 20th century. Since buying and uniting the 63-acre dry dock, repair and construction facility in January 2009, Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding (FBS) has retained historical lines of business and expanded into new […]

  • “The Addams Family” Onstage at Southern Door

    Southern Door High School will present The Addams Family: A New Musical in November. Promising campiness, spooky fun, macabre hilarity and plenty of heart, this production comprises more than 50 high school students in the cast, crew and pit orchestra. The comical feast embraces the wackiness in every family and showcases a particular Addams Family […]

  • Drug Take-Back Day

    The Door County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a Drug Take-Back Day on Saturday, Oct. 29, 11 am – 2 pm, at the Brussels Fire Station, 1080 Cty C; the Sister Bay Fire Station, 2258 Mill Road; and the Door County Sheriff’s Office, 1201 S. Duluth Ave. in Sturgeon Bay.  Take prescription (controlled and noncontrolled) and […]

  • Active Shooter Scams

    At least one local school district has reported that school districts and police departments across the state are receiving calls about active shooters being within schools. No local school districts have received such a call, but the Gibraltar School District informed parents about the situation, assuring them that the calls are coming from out of […]

  • New Cost to Construct a New Fence

    It will now cost $50 to get a permit to build a fence in the City of Sturgeon Bay following action Oct. 18 by the Common Council. The city adopted a fence ordinance earlier this year that requires individuals to obtain a permit through the city’s Community Development Office before building a fence, but the […]

  • 90% Funding Reached for Playground Project

    After a year and a half of fundraising, the Kendall Park Community Group has raised $228,000 to make improvements to the now-30-year-old park. The original fundraising goal of $500,000 included the permanent groundwork, but the community group decided to hold off on that for five years. Its modified goal without the permanent groundwork is $310,000. […]

  • Plans Move Forward for Fleet Farm Development

    The Sturgeon Bay Common Council gave final approval Oct. 18 to amend the city’s comprehensive plan to General Commercial (C-1) in the area where Fleet Farm wants to build a new store along the west entrance to Sturgeon Bay. The amendment changes the designation of about 40 acres of land from Agricultural/Rural to Regional Commercial […]

  • Budget Time

    This is the time of year when all municipalities up and down the peninsula, plus the County of Door and school districts, are finalizing budgets and corresponding property-tax levies for 2023. A majority of these publish their budgets in our legal notices. This week, budgets for the County of Door; the towns of Gibraltar, Jacksonport […]

  • Nasewaupee Planning for New Fire Department

    With Nasewaupee planning to split from the Southern Door Fire Department (SDFD) next year and form its own department, the town board agreed Oct. 20 to have its attorney handle the paperwork for the new department rather than hire a consultant. Town chair Steven Sullivan said it would cost $2,500-$5,000 for the town attorney, Tyler […]

  • Outside Appearance Conceals Charred Inside of Mr. G’s

    The structure still stands, but the charred inside is damaged by fire, soot, chemicals and smoke This is not how the Geitner family wanted to call it quits. For nearly 50 years, the family has owned the Logan Creek Grille in Jacksonport and its attached Fernwood Gardens Ballroom. The property also includes a 1,638-square-foot, three-bedroom […]

  • U.S. Senate Seat: Ron Johnson vs. Mandela Barnes

    The Nov. 8 election is a little more than two weeks away, and we’re wrapping up our coverage of the candidates with the race for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Ron Johnson and challenged by Democrat Mandela Barnes, Wisconsin’s current lieutenant governor. It’s considered to be among the most crucial and competitive […]

  • Aging in Place in Door County

    It’s important for people to plan for their elder years, no matter where they live. But it’s especially important in Door County, given its remote location and limited access to aging resources, said Do Good Door County (DGDC) president Cynthia Germain.  “We suffer from the same things that many communities, particularly rural communities, come across: […]

  • Common Council Puts Together 2023 Budget

    Tax levy is increasing 7.1% in proposed figures After meeting on three consecutive Mondays, the Sturgeon Bay Common Council has put together a budget that it will consider for possible final approval when it holds a public hearing Oct. 31, 4 pm. As proposed, the 2023 budget calls for $18,738,093 in total revenues and expenditures […]

  • Gibraltar’s Tax Rate Falls

    The Gibraltar Area School District already had one of the two lowest tax rates in Wisconsin, and then private-property valuations in Northern Door County rose dramatically during the past two years. As a result, the Gibraltar district saw its projected tax rate decline from a possible $3.41 per $1,000 of taxable property value earlier this […]

  • Artists in the Schools Program Is Music to Students’ Ears

    Nearly 300 local elementary, middle and high school students started the week with jazz, courtesy of Birch Creek Big Band Jazz faculty musicians Reggie Thomas, Rick Haydon and Jeff Campbell. They made stops at Southern Door, Sturgeon Bay and Sevastopol schools as part of Birch Creek’s annual Artists in the Schools program.  Started in 2002, […]

  • Wild Things: Whitetail Mating Season Means More Run-ins for Hunters, Cars

    The annual deer rut heats up as November approaches by KEVIN NAZE, [email protected], Peninsula Pulse contributor Whether you want to see deer or not, the next few weeks will offer an explosion of whitetail activity in the fields and forests. Mature bucks in hot pursuit of does or scaring off smaller bucks are two reasons […]

  • Marietta Paschke Tanck Recalls Egg Harbor History

    In a recorded interview with Sandra Dirks of the Egg Harbor Historical Society, Marietta Paschke Tanck shared that she was born above George LeMere’s barber shop in downtown Egg Harbor; that her parents later moved up the hill, where she grew up in the log house on the corner of Highway 42 and County E; […]

  • For Kristen Peil, a Love of History Is in the Genes

    Kristen Peil said she was born an old soul.  “I’ve always gravitated to older people and older things, and I blame genetics for that,” she said. “My mother, Annie Peil, had the antiques business Orphan Annie’s, and when I was a little kid, she dragged me to auctions all over Door County. Those auctions introduced […]

  • Editor’s Note: That’s All She Wrote – At Least for Election Letters

    We received 5,200 words’ worth of letters for this issue of the Peninsula Pulse. That’s a full page and a half. And that doesn’t even count those that came in after the sharp deadline of noon on Monday. Roughly 99.5% of these letters were political. We did expect this surge, given that this issue of […]

  • Tourism & the Visitor Economy: Our Focus Is Our Community’s Core Values

    by JULIE GILBERT, President and CEO, Destination Door County As we continue to build our strategic plan with the help and support of Destination Door County’s board of directors and the Door County Tourism Zone commissioners, we have collectively created a road map that will guide us through the next few years. Our first focus […]

  • Ziesemer Wins Fall 50

    There are faster ways to see the fall colors in Door County, but perhaps no better way. Zach Ziesemer, 32, took in 50 miles of splendor on foot Saturday, Oct. 22, to win the 16th Fall 50 race from Gills Rock to Sturgeon Bay, finishing in 6:11:38. That was 3:16 faster than 19-year-old Cody Arendt, […]

  • A Profile in Wood: Nathan Hatch’s Rorschach Cabinets

    When viewing Nathan Hatch’s Rorschach cabinets, psychological profiling is strictly optional. Is that an empty desert or a life-giving river? Do the shapes of the tulipwood cabinet echo some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s imagery?  Hatch, a wood and metal artist, started working with Rorschach designs in his Baileys Harbor studio just after COVID-19 hit. (As a […]

  • Miller Celebrates Topelmanns, Ingwersen

    The Miller Art Museum will unveil two new exhibitions Nov. 5: Hanseatic: The Life and Work of Karsten and Ellen Topelmann in the first-floor main galleries, and New Acquisitions from James J. Ingwersen on the Ruth Morton Miller Mezzanine. Door County’s landscape has long piqued the imagination of visual artists, including Karsten Topelmann (1929-2021) and […]

  • Exhibit, Workshop at Drömhus

    Drömhus is presenting Something Wicked This Way Comes, a whimsical exhibit of mixed-media and assemblage by Teresa Ann Gifford. Attend an artist reception Oct. 28, 6-7 pm, followed by a story slam hosted by members of The Pearl, 7-9 pm. A haunted-mask workshop is also being offered Oct. 29, 1 pm, with wine, beer and […]

  • Artzy Studio Features Fantastic Foxes

    The season’s final featured exhibit at Artzy Studio is The Fantastic Fox. It features work by ceramic artists Irene Olson and Cynthia L. Koshalek, who have been friends for 40 years after meeting through the Madison Art Guild in 1982.  Olson was born in Nagpur, India; studied medicine in India; eventually moved to the United […]

  • A Change of Course at Martinez Studio

    Earlier this year, Sandra and Wence Martinez listed the Jacksonport home of Martinez Studio for sale. The esteemed artists had planned to close their Door County location and focus on their studio in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and in Wence’s hometown of Oaxaca, Mexico.  But the artists who were named United States Artist Fellows in […]

  • Casting Call for Rogue’s Christmas Show

    Rogue Theater will celebrate its 10th Christmas on Dec. 9 and 10 with a humorous and heartwarming production, The Herald Angels Learn to Sing by Tracy Wells. It’s Christmas in the small town of Herald, whose residents love nothing more than the annual Christmas pageant – except maybe their Herald Angels baseball team. When half the […]

  • Peninsula Players Theatre Honors Jim Nelson

    The Peninsula Players Theatre’s board of directors honored Jim Nelson for his extensive service as a board member during its October meeting. Board president Jill Herlache presented Nelson with a plaque for his 13 years of volunteer service to the theater and his dedication to philanthropic giving. Learn more at

  • Ending Makes Don’t Worry Darling a Frustrating Near Miss

    by MIKE ORLOCK You won’t find a better-looking film this year than Don’t Worry Darling (R), actress and director Olivia Wilde’s sophomore follow-up to her 2019 critical darling, Booksmart. From Matthew Libatique’s luscious cinematography, to Katie Byron’s pastel-flavored production design, to Affonso Gonçalves’ crisp editing, this is one terrific-looking film: a technical tour de force […]

  • New Stage Rising

    Rogue Theater builds a home of its own Without a permanent rehearsal space of their own, Rogue Theater’s casts and crews have spent years lugging their costumes, props and set pieces all over the peninsula. But soon, the theater company will settle into a permanent rehearsal and performance space. That space, dubbed the DC Arts […]

  • After the Curtain Call

    What actors do in the off-season As the leaves turn their autumnal hues and visitors head back home, the stages of many local theater companies go dark until the following summer. But the actors who light up those stages stay active and creative throughout the off-season, whether they leave along with the tourists or hunker […]

  • Ziesemer Wins Fall 50

    There are faster ways to see the fall colors in Door County, but perhaps no better way. Zach Ziesemer, 32, took in 50 miles of splendor on foot Saturday, Oct. 22, to win the 16th Fall 50 race from Gills Rock to Sturgeon Bay, finishing in 6:11:38. That was 3:16 faster than 19-year-old Cody Arendt, […]

  • Halloween Petting Zoo

    DENN is celebrating the spooky season with a free petting zoo. Meet animals from Wilson’s Wish Animal Sanctuary – including Lily, the famous goat with a wheelchair – Oct. 30, 10 am – 2 pm. There will also be trick-or-treating stations to find around the property at 2050 Cty DK, south of Sturgeon Bay, and guests can […]

  • Birds, Bats, Quantum Theory at Crossroads

    Representatives from the Open Door Bird Sanctuary will give a one-hour presentation and provide an opportunity for attendees to meet live birds Oct. 28, 6 pm, at Crossroads at Big Creek’s Collins Learning Center. Then join Tom Minahan of Door Peninsula Astronomical Society on Oct. 29, 1-4 pm, for his lecture, “The Quantum Revolution” – […]

  • Haunted Trail and Family Fun at Jack o’ Lantern Days

    Spooky creatures of all ages are welcome at Fish Creek’s Jack o’ Lantern Days on Oct. 29.  The family-friendly event that puts the “Eek!” in Fish Creek will feature a costume contest, Halloween parties for kids and adults, and trick-or-treating. The kids’ party will take place at Clark Park, 1-4 pm. If it rains, the […]

  • Body Strengthening with Barre

    Dance instructor Willa Wilde will host barre classes on Wednesdays, Nov. 2-23, 6-7 pm, to help participants develop flexibility and agility. Barre is a workout inspired by ballet technique, yoga and Pilates whose low-impact, high-intensity movements work to strengthen the body in new ways. Everyone is welcome, and no experience is needed. Classes ($15) are […]

  • Not Your Typical Third Wheel

    Stone Harbor’s Halloween party features a third wheel you won’t want to ditch. The Third Wheels, featuring the voice of Carmyn Hoen of the popular cover duo Open Tab, will get you dancing with high-energy covers and awesome vocals Oct. 29, 8 pm, at Stone Harbor Restaurant and Pub, 107 N. 1st Ave. in Sturgeon […]

  • A DJ of Wine

    Ryan Ibsen spins the bottle at Daughters & Co. By JOHN MIELKE Ryan Ibsen recognizes that people’s lives are busy and that many people don’t have regular access to the type of wine, beer and spirits they’ll find on the shelves of his new wine, spirits and provisions store, Daughters and Co., inside the Cupola […]

  • Season Finales

    Several restaurants called it a season at the end of Sister Bay’s Fall Fest weekend. Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor has gone into hibernation until next May. Analog Ice Cream and Coffee shut down for the season after cheering on drivers in the Fall Fest Derby. Northern Grill and Pub and Door County Ice […]

  • Wine Fest Returning to Maxwelton in 2023

    The Door County Wine Festival will stay in Baileys Harbor in 2023. Organizers announced the celebration of Door County wineries will return to Maxwelton Braes on June 24, 2023. Tickets will go on sale Thanksgiving weekend.  The festival features wines produced by the members of the Door County Wine Trail available in tasting tents on […]

  • Book Promotes Creativity

    During a recent talk and book signing at Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, Karen Kinney shared her new work, Doorways to Transformation: Everyday Wisdom for the Creative Soul.  Interspersing insights gleaned from living cross-culturally in Mexico, and drawing wisdom from everyday life, Kinney offers ways of thinking and being that help readers to nurture their inner potential […]

  • Book Recommendation: ‘Tender Is the Flesh’ by Agustina Bazterrica

    Recommended by MARY SAWYER, Ephraim Library Branch Manager Spooky season is upon us, and here at the library, people are asking for creepy reading recommendations. Some patrons want a Goosebumps scare that won’t keep them up at night; some want a vintage, Stephen King–style epic to get the blood pressure racing; and some scoff when […]

  • Miriam Erickson Will Enter Library Hall of Fame

    Longtime Gibraltar School librarian Miriam Erickson will soon add another honor to the long list of accolades she’s earned in a lifetime leading innovation in education.  The Wisconsin Heritage Center has chosen Erickson as the 2022 inductee into the Wisconsin Library Hall of Fame – an honor bestowed upon those who have made exceptional contributions to […]

  • Goode Named Soccer Player of the Year

    Gibraltar/Sevastopol senior goalkeeper Theo Goode was named the Packerland Soccer Player of the Year, and a unanimous first-team, all-conference selection. The Vikineers, who finished 6-3-1 in Packerland play and gave league champion Sturgeon Bay its only conference loss this season, had two other players named to the first team – senior midfielder Garrett Voight and […]

  • Obituary: Delmore C. “Dilly” Blazer

    April 27, 1937 ~ October 14, 2022 Delmore C. “Dilly” Blazer, age 85, rural Two Rivers resident, died Friday morning, October 14, 2022 at home in Two Rivers. Delmore was born April 27, 1937 in his parents log home, in Suring, WI. He was the son of Clarence and Alice (Holmes) Blazer. Delmore served his country during […]

  • Obituary: Frederick James Kirch

    March 1, 1936 ~ October 20, 2022 Frederick James Kirch, 86, of Sturgeon Bay, died peacefully on Thursday, October 20, 2022 at the Pete and Jelaine Horton Center Skilled Nursing Facility with his wife, Darlene at his side. He was born March 1, 1936 in Madison, son of the late Walter and Imelda (Schneider) Kirch. […]

  • Obituary: Donna B. Johnson

    June 9, 1943 ~ October 19, 2022 Donna B. Johnson, 79, of Cary, IL and Egg Harbor, WI, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at Door County Medical Center in Sturgeon Bay, WI, following a sudden illness.  Donna was born June 9, 1943 in Chicago, IL to the late Charles and Agnes (Kuna) Schwingl. Donna […]

  • Mr. G’s Still Standing Following Sunday Fire

    Smoke damage is significant, fire chief says Firefighters prevented a Sunday-afternoon blaze from claiming much of the building at Mr. G’s Logan Creek Grille in Jacksonport.  “It could have been a lot worse,” said Jacksonport Fire Chief Nathan LeClair. “I think every party involved is fortunate.” It’s unclear at this time where or how the […]

  • Obituary: Troy L. Hicks

    December 13, 1966 ~ October 23, 2022 Troy L. Hicks, 55, of Sturgeon Bay, died suddenly at his home on October 23, 2022.  He was born on December 13, 1966, in Wisconsin to Robert and Shirley (Dobberke) Hicks.  Troy graduated from Gibraltar High School.  In May of 2016, he married Joanne G. Sorenson at Tanum-Forest Lutheran Church. […]

  • Obituary: Elizabeth “Betty” Rose

    January 11, 1925 ~ October 19, 2022 Elizabeth Marie Rose, 97, of Forestville died on Oct. 19, 2022.  She was born Jan. 11, 1925, in the Town of Forestville to Wendelin and Matilda (Schmidt) Rose. Betty was a teacher with degrees in theology and worked as a catechist in many catholic parishes throughout the United […]