Peninsula Pulse October 23-30, 2020

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  • By the Numbers: Campaign Finance

    The Presidential, House District 8 and State Assembly District 1 Elections • All candidates who ran for president this year raised a total of $3.5 billion as of last week. In 2016, the total raised by all candidates was $1.4 billion. • Democratic candidates raised $2.9 billion this year; Republican candidates raised $555 million. • Wisconsin’s […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Another Disconnect

    In my opinion, the fatal conceit of liberals is their unwavering belief in their own moral and intellectual superiority. This firm conviction allows them to dismiss any consideration of dissenting opinion. Why bother, they think, when any dissent from the prevailing liberal orthodoxy is morally corrupt or intellectually bankrupt? A recent letter in these pages […]

  • Letter to the Editor: The Choice Is Clear

    There are two different groups of people that Trump needs to vote for him to win this election. The easiest to understand are those people who recognize that Trump is a bigot and a white supremacist and support him because of that. The voters who are harder to figure out are those I hear quoted […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Learn from the Birds

    I am an avid bird observer. Living in a rural area, I have the privilege of being a witness to a lot of birds and their behaviors.  First, these amazing creatures come in all shapes, sizes, colors, personalities and voices. I’ve seen doves, crows, swans, pelicans, ducks, geese, flickers, eagles, hawks, redwing blackbirds, grackles, robins, […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Thank You, Egg Harbor Firefighters

    This letter is a thank-you to the Egg Harbor firefighters who have recently left the department. We’re sorry for the way you’ve been treated after you’ve done so much for others. You’ve been with the department for decades. You’ve trained for all types of situations and shown up in all types of weather. You’ve been […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Let’s Elect Better Legislators to Fill Seats

    Wisconsin is setting all-time records for new COVID-19 cases and reporting one of the highest rates of positive infections in the country. In response, Gov. Evers extended the state mask mandate until late November to stem the spread of a virus that has claimed more than 200,000 American lives – more than the loss of […]

  • Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 Is Not Your Biggest Threat

    It’s time to cut the bull and confront what most every American should fear. COVID-19 isn’t our biggest threat; far-left Progressives are. Never before have we witnessed such aggression, ferocity, disdain, disrespect and malice. This is about changing the overall culture of America, starting with our men and women in blue. But it lurches even […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Why I Am Voting Republican

    Trump is a proven leader. He changed the employment picture for the working and middle class. He reduced our taxes. He eliminated billions in giveaways. He has brought integrity back into our court system. He has protected life for the unborn, disabled and us senior citizens.  He has not used his office to enrich himself […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Trump Is the Problem, Not the Cure

    This is meant for the person who used our newspaper box recently to express his/her political beliefs in what I assume is a response to the signs in our front yard. Unfortunately, you did not sign your name, so because of your cowardly behavior, I am responding here.  First, you assume that we want to […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Trump’s Results Matter More than Rhetoric or Personality

    In a world of imperfect people and parties, I’d like to express why I and many others support President Trump and others in the Republican Party overall.  Economically, until COVID-19 shut things down, for three years we saw incredibly strong economic growth, rising wages and low unemployment rates for all demographics – including record-low unemployment rates […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘Yes’ for Our Students

    Look for an important question on the Nov. 3 ballot asking voters to secure funds for student resources at Southern Door Schools. The district is asking the community to support a three-year referendum, which will have no projected tax increase. Common efforts within the schools of the Southern Door School District include achievement, success, excellence, […]

  • Letter to the Editor: The Philosophy of Con Men

    The “wealthy” can’t win without your vote. There are just not enough of them. So to retain their influence and their power to protect their interests, they prey on your fears to get your vote: your fear of losing your guns, fear of not getting into heaven unless you vote to “protect” fetuses. They get […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Two Bright Lights

    The current administration in Washington has no national plan to deal with COVID-19. We cannot revive our economy, get kids back to school and plan for a future of racial and economic justice until this devastating virus is brought under control and a vaccine is tested and distributed to as many as possible. To get […]

  • Letter to the Editor: A Good Reason to Be Scared

    I am scared. People I know and love have lost their jobs due to the economic collapse and thus have lost their health insurance for themselves and their families during a raging pandemic. Millions who are still working have insurance through the Affordable Care Act, but this administration is once again in court trying to […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Elect Women

    COVID-19 has hit women the hardest. They have lost more jobs than men, and their duties at home have increased. Because women are the majority and we have so many great candidates, now is the time to raise our voices.  A friend once made this statement to me: “Men choose to run for office to […]

  • Letter to the Editor: ‘What Happened to Honesty, Integrity and the Ability to Unite and Tell the Truth?’

    This is in response to the letter in last week’s paper titled “A Plea to the Democratic Party of Door County.” As a combat veteran during the Tet Offensive in 1968 fighting in the Hue Citadel, I’d like to remind you of a few facts about the present POTUS. I can’t imagine any POTUS taking […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Who Will Really Represent Us?

    Like many others, I am uncomfortable with the representation that northeast Wisconsin has (not) received from our elected officials at the national and state levels during the last four years. We have some serious issues here!  Water quality is threatened by CAFOs. Small farms and businesses need immigrant labor, and immigrants need a path to […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Disturbing. Enough.

    Another day of 3,000-plus deaths in Wisconsin due to COVID-19. And how many days in a row is that? Disturbing, disheartening, frightening.  Some of the blame for this trend can be laid right at the feet of our inept Wisconsin government. The Republicans certainly have blood on their hands with their continued blocking, and their […]

  • Letter to the Editor: ‘Gallagher Has Proven Himself to Be a Strong Bipartisan Figure’

    Reaching across the aisle and putting aside ideological differences in order to get work done is becoming more and more uncommon in Washington. Partisan tensions are at an all-time high because of COVID-19, unrest in the streets and the upcoming presidential election. During these highly contentious times, we need leaders who will reach across party […]

  • Please Just Wear a Mask

    Recently, it was common for bars, restaurants and shops to have a sign reading: NO SHIRTSNO SHOESNO SERVICE And you know what? People don’t march, riot, yell or start fights over these rules. Instead, our society has recognized that these are reasonable requirements. But require people to wear masks to protect the health of others, […]

  • Gratitude for a Helping Hand

    Recently, my wife – a Wisconsin native – and I spent six days in Door County. We engaged in a variety of activities and had a wonderful time. We were leaving Oct. 7 and were driving from Egg Harbor to the Green Bay airport when one of the tires on our rental car disintegrated. Luckily, we were […]

  • Just Here for the ‘Boos’

    Beer and Halloween candy pairings – for real! by Sophie Nelson, [email protected] Just because trick-or-treating will be minimal at best this year, that doesn’t mean you should skip the candy purchases. Instead, have a spooky night at home pairing your favorite candies with some delicious beers! Pairing beer and food is almost never a one-perfect-pair […]

  • Following a Bountiful Harvest in 2020, Now What?

    Gardeners cope with canning-supplies shortage  Wanda Woldt, an almost-self-sufficient Sturgeon Bay farmer, had to search long and hard to find supplies to preserve the fruit and vegetables from her garden this year. Woldt has been canning green beans, jams, pickles, tomatoes and more for about 35 years now, and she’s never seen canning lids so […]

  • Hope for Tower Repair Soars

    Door County Board of Supervisors will consider support Oct. 27 Incremental progress has been made during the past month to save the historic Potawatomi State Park Observation Tower. First, the Door County Board of Supervisors is set to discuss a resolution Oct. 27 that its Legislative Committee recommended earlier this month to support tower repair. […]

  • Door County Soil and Water Conservation Department Hearing Nov. 2

    The Door County Soil and Water Conservation Department (SWCD) will hold a public informational hearing about the reclamation plan for the proposed Franda limestone quarry Nov. 2, 4 pm. Members of the public may participate and watch the hearing remotely by computer or phone. Anyone wishing to speak must register in advance. Contact the SWCD […]

  • Ephraim Aims to Shore Up Waterfront

    Slight drop in lake levels brings some relief When the gales of November clobbered the Ephraim shoreline the day before Thanksgiving last year, they sent village staff and shoreline property owners scrambling to limit the damage to piers, beaches and property.  Nearly a year later, the village is grappling with how to fight off another […]

  • Leadership in Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns Goodwin

    Book Review by Carolyn Kane During the 1970s and ’80s, America was blessed by a flourishing band of writers and commentators who strove to explain legitimate science to the general public. Carl Sagan was perhaps the best known, but there were others, including Isaac Asimov, Lewis Thomas and Stephen Jay Gould.  Today we’re seeing the […]

  • An Artistic Duality: The digital paintings of Dan Cross

    At Sotheby’s in Hong Kong recently, a deeply textured, randomly colored abstract painting by Gerhard Richter sold for about $28 million. It reminded me of images I had just seen at Idea Gallery in West Jacksonport. They sold for approximately $27,999,000 less, depending on the size and framing, but they were also rich in color, […]

  • Framed: Personal “Pit Crew”

    Returning from the Fall Lighthouse Festival event on Chambers Island, fest goers noticed a flat tire on the vehicle belonging to Mary Ann Blahnik, caretaker of the Chambers Island lighthouse.  “Quick as a flash, a couple Good Samaritan Iowans had it changed!” Blahnik said. “I later learned they had raced cars – my very own […]

  • Door to Nature: Tiny, Colorful Fungi

    While enjoying a hike with some friends recently, I photographed a seldom-seen mushroom. It’s commonly called the blue-stainer, or Chlorociboria (klor-o-sy-BOR-ee-a) aeruginascens (a-roo-jin-ESS-ens). Most often, all that’s visible is well-decayed pieces of wood with the blue stain in them, but not the actual mushroom. This group of fungi in the Peziza family is usually cup […]

  • Servers of the Week: Sam, Luke and Ryan at Fat Belly

    If you’re on your way to Sister Bay next season,  Be sure to stop at this new gem known as Fat Belly. Sam, Luke and Ryan will fill your bellies with bowls, burritos and love. You’ll find beef, chicken, pork, shrimp,  Bacon, rice, vegan and – of course – mac and cheese. All of their […]

  • A Musician in Quarantine

    Vanessa McGowan on what happens when music is ripped away  During a normal year, Vanessa McGowan spends her time touring the country as a bass player with Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated bands that command audiences of thousands. It’s a career that puts her on the road 10 months of the year. She’s accustomed to sleeping on […]

  • Wild Things: Early Bow, Crossbow Whitetail Harvest Up Significantly

    A booming deer herd in farm country, decent autumn weather and more hunters afield have all led to a significant increase in the early whitetail harvest, both statewide and locally. Through the first month of the 2020 seasons, Wisconsin hunters have registered more than 35,000 deer: roughly a 33 percent increase over the same period […]

  • The Federal Theatre Project, Part 3

    A Quick and Decisive Blow to Progressive Theater In fewer than three years, the Federal Theatre Project’s (FTP) Living Newspaper and Negro Theatre Units were making great strides in creating new work for a post-Great Depression nation that promoted social progress and racial equality, but they were not the project’s only branches to produce compelling […]

  • Statz Selected to Fill Common Council Seat

    The Sturgeon Bay Common Council has selected Dennis Statz to fill the District 2 vacancy created when David Hayes tendered his resignation effective Sept. 30. Statz will serve for the remainder of Hayes’ term.  The votes were four for Statz and two for candidate Caitlin Oleson. Stephen Day and Randy Morrow also applied for the […]

  • Ephraim to Discuss Premier Resort Area Tax

    The Village of Ephraim will discuss implementing a Premier Resort Area Tax (PRAT) during its Nov. 10 meeting. The 0.5 percent sales tax would apply to almost everything that requires sales tax already, including sales at bars, restaurants, retail stores and hotels. Sister Bay voters approved a PRAT in 2018. To institute a PRAT, the […]

  • CARES Act Grants Available

    Grants – funded by the federal CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund and administered by the Wisconsin Department of Administration – are available to small businesses and venues that serve as cultural catalysts in communities across Wisconsin and whose operations have been negatively affected by the coronavirus.  The COVID-19 Movie Theater Grant Program includes available grants totaling up […]

  • Red Geranium Hosts Tavern Puzzle Tournament

    The Red Geranium in Baileys Harbor will host its first annual Tavern Puzzle Tournament on weekends Oct. 30 – Nov. 22. Puzzles generally involve removing one forged piece from another without brute force – they’re an exercise for the mind. The participant who solves the most puzzles within a 30-minute period will win a Tavern […]

  • Door County Delivered

    Door County Delivered – a box service that allows customers to experience and share Door County products and support local businesses – is offering the second box in its Support a Cause series. Of each purchase, 10 percent will go to Operation Not Alone, a local nonprofit that, though various programs, is dedicated to ensuring that […]

  • Crossroads at Big Creek Receives Three Grants

    Crossroads at Big Creek has recently received a combined $276,000 from three state and federal grants to fund its project called Estuary at Big Creek: Transforming an “Ideal Place for a Gas Station” into a Restored, Reinvigorated Wildlife Habitat.  Crossroads has been granted $189,000 from Sustain Our Great Lakes to be used over four years. […]

  • Sturgeon Bay Masonic Lodge Donates to Fight Hunger

    The members of the Sturgeon Bay Masonic Lodge ( – with matching funds from the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation – donated $1,000 each to three Wisconsin charities fighting hunger: Feed Wisconsin in Madison, Feed My People in Door County and the Kewaunee Food Pantry.  Also using Wisconsin Masonic Foundation matching funds, lodge members donated $1,250 each to […]

  • Sevastopol Child-Development Screenings Beginning with Survey

    The Sevastopol School District will conduct its child-development screenings differently this fall.  Instead of in-person screenings, the process will begin with a parent/guardian survey to complete at home and return to the school. Sevastopol’s early-childhood team will then review the surveys and contact families if it determines that a virtual screening might also be beneficial. […]

  • Stenzel Wins 4th Straight Conference Championship

    Sevastopol’s Olivia Stenzel earned her fourth straight Packerland cross-country title Oct. 15, outpacing the field by nearly a full minute. She finished in 19:33; Sydney Lund of Peshtigo took second in 20:26; and Stenzel’s teammates Jolene Luedke (21:08) and Kylie Newton (22:07) followed.  Those performances lead the Pioneers to the team title over second-place Southern […]

  • CARES Act Assistance Available

    The Door County Economic Development Corporation – through assistance from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Economic Development Administration – has received $500,000 in CARES Act recovery assistance to administer a low-interest revolving loan fund to provide low-interest financing to Door County small businesses and entrepreneurs who have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Applications […]

  • Child Care Town Hall Meeting Oct. 27

    United Way will host the second of its biweekly virtual town hall meetings about child care Oct. 27, 6-7 pm. The featured speaker will be Sturgeon Bay school counselor Karlie Martens, who will discuss changes in family and society, lagging skills, trauma, social and emotional development, and school interventions. Learn how to join the Zoom […]

  • Public Health Offering Virtual Meeting for Business Owners

    Door County Public Health will host a second virtual meeting Oct. 27, 4-5 pm, via WebEx to offer guidance to business owners about handling a positive COVID-19 test result among employees. The meeting will include information about isolation and quarantine to prevent the disease from spreading to other staff members.

  • Potential Limestone Quarry Flagged for Endangered Species

    Meanwhile, neighboring residents want the project stopped even though the town has no land-use zoning that would allow them to do so A limestone quarry intended for the Town of Gardner has been flagged by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for having endangered and threatened resource concerns. BJ Brenneke, DNR stormwater intake specialist, […]

  • Karlie Schultz Joins Fish Creek Civic Association

    The Fish Creek Civic Association has welcomed Karlie Schultz as its new marketing and outreach manager.  “I am truly looking forward to being a part of the Fish Creek community and working side by side with business owners and community members to promote tourism,” Schultz said. Schultz earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing from UW-La […]

  • Jake Cummings Joins DCEDC

    The newest addition to the Door County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) staff is Jake Cummings, who will take over the duties of the director of business development, overseeing revolving loan fund programs, existing business programs and small-business support efforts. Cummings joins DCEDC with a strong background in economics, finance and wealth management, having previously served […]

  • Mollie Petersen Joins Surgical Team at DCMC

    Mollie Petersen – who’s originally from Door County – has joined the Door County Medical Center (DCMC) surgical team and is committed to patient-centered care and attention to detail.   In 2006, Petersen received the DCMC Auxiliary Scholarship. She earned her bachelor of science degree in biomedical sciences and her master of physician assistant studies at Marquette […]

  • USDA’s Dairy Margin Coverage Program

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is accepting applications for enrollment in the 2021 Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program through Dec. 11. DMC is a voluntary risk-management program that offers protection to dairy producers when the difference between the all-milk price and the average feed price falls below a dollar amount that the producer selects. […]

  • Affordable Housing Program Grant Money Available

    NeighborWorks Green Bay and North Shore Bank have announced that forgivable grant money is still available through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago’s Affordable Housing Program through Nov. 10 for qualifying northeast Wisconsin home buyers. The grant is forgiven over five years and can be combined with other programs. The grant dollars – up […]

  • SD Community Auditorium to Livestream Copper Box Concert

    Join the Southern Door (SD) Community Auditorium virtually Oct. 24, 7 pm, for a night of free, livestreamed music by Copper Box, sponsored by Door County Medical Center. Copper Box, a roots and Americana quartet, is a genre-bending celebration of fusion roots rock that channels the communal feel of a small-town party. Husband-and-wife duo Danny […]

  • Dark Songs Goes Virtual

    Following a successful livestream debut of the Steel Bridge Songfest in June, the Steel Bridge Creative Foundation is moving forward in the same vein for its spooky-themed Dark Songs (, which will be streamed Oct. 23 and 24, 7 pm.  Normally hosted in Sturgeon Bay’s Holiday Music Motel, the event – involving artists from around the […]

  • Hike This: Sand Cove and Duck Bay

    If you’re seeking a trail that takes you snugly along the shoreline, then the section of trail along Sand Cove and Duck Bay within Newport State Park will do nicely. Its single-track path winds among roots, trees and rocks to give you glimpses of wide-open Lake Michigan on the lake side. Every so often, the […]

  • Farewell, Baxter the Bobcat

    Baxter the bobcat, a 14-year resident of Kewaunee County’s Bruemmer Park Zoo, has been euthanized because of an aggressive form of cancer.  Baxter had an emergency check-up after he appeared ill. The veterinarian who examined him found a cancerous tumor in his stomach and recommended that Baxter be euthanized because of the severity of the […]

  • Fish Creek’s Virtual Costume Contest Honors Bonnie Smith

    The Fish Creek Civic Association invites the community to help keep the spirit of Jack o’ Lantern  Days alive by entering its virtual costume contest. Bonnie Smith – a dear friend, Fish Creek business owner and big supporter of Jack o’ Lantern Days – died in January 2020, and to honor her years of dedication, […]

  • Sister Bay Celebrates Halloween with Park after Dark

    Sister Bay is celebrating the spooky season with a Park after Dark Halloween light display though Nov. 1, when Waterfront Park is lit up with colorful lights on trees and bushes.  Get a photo with Charlie Brown and the other Peanuts characters in the Great Pumpkin display; set sail in a boat with Captain Hook […]

  • TAP Marquee Restoration Begins

    Work to restore the iconic Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP) marquee in downtown Sturgeon Bay has begun. Workers have removed the tiles from under the canopy and the fascia along the front edge. The rusted porcelain tiles will be replaced with aluminum panels, and the chaser light band will be replicated using new LED lamps and […]

  • Diltz, Dahl Named DCA Directors Emeriti

    Door Community Auditorium (DCA) has honored two longtime board members, each with the title of director emeritus. The Hon. Peter Diltz served on DCA’s board from 1996 until 2017 and held the offices of president and vice president. In addition to his significant support of the local arts community, Diltz had a 40-year legal career […]

  • Birch Creek Welcomes New Trustees

    Birch Creek has welcomed Diane Taillon and Sam Carmen to its 18-member board of trustees.  Taillon, owner/broker of Arbor Crowne Properties, joined the board for the first time during the October meeting. She’s been in the real estate business since 2003, and prior to that, she was a pediatric orthotist who developed the largest orthotic […]

  • Northern Sky Presents Virtual ‘I Love a CabaRAY!’

    Northern Sky Theater will continue its virtual season with I Love a CabaRAY! – a virtual cabaret featuring actor/singer Ray Jivoff on Oct. 24, 5 pm. Most recently seen as the titular “Dad” in Dad’s Season Tickets, Jivoff will bring his sense of fun and stunning vocal chops to bear on the Great American Songbook, some […]

  • DCEDC Honors Mitch Larson, Door County Cooperative

    The Door County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) honored two longtime businesses during a virtual ceremony last week. Mitch Larson, owner of On Deck Clothing Company, was named the Entrepreneur of the Year, and Door County Cooperative was named the Industry of the Year.  The Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes recipients who have taken the […]

  • Peninsula Players Presents Audio Production of ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’

    Peninsula Players Theatre, in collaboration with Chicago Radio Theatre, will present a dramatic, live audio production of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Murders in the Rue Morgue, adapted and directed by Kevin Christopher Fox, at on Oct. 23, 9 pm. An audio recording of the production – complete with the talents of skilled actors, plus sound […]

  • Obituary: Jessie Mae Hoyt Huber

    May 17, 1944~October 14, 2020 Jessie Mae Hoyt Huber died on October 14, 2020. She has left behind many people who loved and cherished her, beginning with her husband of 57 years, Douglas Huber and two sons Robert and Scott. Two loving sisters, Roberta White and Louise (Tim) McCant. Grandchildren Ryan (Stefenhagen), Ayla, Steven and […]

  • Obituary: Herbert David Hall

    December 28, 1924~October 18, 2020 Herbert “Herbie” D. Hall, 95, Algoma, died on Sunday, October 18, 2020. Herbert was born on December 28, 1924 to the late Herbert and Mathilda (Gordon) Hall. On July 8, 1950 he married Agnes Kremer at Corpus Christie Catholic Church in Sturgeon Bay. Agnes preceded him in death on June […]

  • Take A Virtual Tour of Write On’s New Writing Center

    Door County’s home for writing celebrated the opening of its new Writing Center in a virtual ceremony Oct. 9. The gleaming new home of Write On, Door County in Juddville gives the young organization a place to welcome writers, readers, and host events on nearly 40 beautiful acres. The building has been a dream almost […]

  • Teeing It Up in 2020: courses see crowds despite clubhouse restrictions

    When governors ordered golf courses and driving ranges closed in April, golfers worried that their favorite links might fold or that they might not get to tee up at all in 2020. Six months later, course owners and managers have witnessed the season move from uncertain to spectacular, with both new and returning golfers keeping […]

  • Obituary: Serena Cox Tidwell

    December 18, 1942 ~ October 14, 2020 Our beloved Wife, Mother, Grand-Mother and Mother-in-Law, Rena Tidwell, 77, of Sturgeon Bay, died early Wednesday morning, October 14, 2020 at Door County Medical Center in Sturgeon Bay with her husband, Moody, at her side. She was born Serena Alexander Cox in Greenville, SC, the daughter of Henry […]

  • Obituary: Jean Tranquilli Damrow

    1948~October 17, 2020 Jean Tranquilli Damrow, 72 of Madison, WI died on October 17, 2020 after a fierce battle with pancreatic cancer.  In 1948, Jean was born in Springfield, IL to her parents Armand and Armistice Tranquilli.  She graduated from Auburn High School in 1966.  Jean then attended Illinois State University in Normal, IL and […]

  • Obituary: Joan Marie (Vaughan) Splawski

    February 1, 1952 ~ October 16, 2020 Joan Marie Splawski, 68, of the Town of Nasewaupee, died surrounded by her loving family after a courageous fight against Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease on Friday, October 16, 2020 at the Skilled Nursing Facility in Sturgeon Bay. She was born February 1, 1952 in Chicago, daughter of the late Richard […]

  • Obituary: Dorothy Mary Miller

    March 20, 1929 ~ October 15, 2020 Dorothy Mary Miller, 91, of Sturgeon Bay, died peacefully early Thursday morning, October 15, 2020 at Door County Medical Center in Sturgeon Bay. She was born March 20, 1929 in Milwaukee, the daughter of Joseph and Helen (nee Maziarz) Wolfe. Dorothy grew up attending St. Casimir Parish and […]

  • Obituary: Colleen Kay Riley

    September 22, 1946 ~ October 12, 2020 Colleen Kay Riley, 74, of the Town of Gibraltar, died after a courageous 31-year battle with MS on Monday, October 12, 2020 at the Door County Medical Center in Sturgeon Bay, with her beloved husband by her side. She was born September 22, 1946 in Neenah, daughter of […]

  • Obituary: Timothy James Hickey

    July 8, 1952 ~ October 8, 2020 Timothy J. Hickey died peacefully at home on October 8, 2020. Tim was born July 8, 1952 in Green Bay to the late John P. “Bud” and Nora (Geohegan) Hickey. He graduated from Denmark High School in 1970 and went on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree from the […]

  • Obituary: Sandra Nancy Williamson

    June 1, 1953 ~ October 10, 2020 Sandra Nancy Williamson, 67, of Sturgeon Bay, died at Asprius Hospital in Wausau on Saturday, October 10, 2020. She was born June 1, 1953, daughter of the late Ragnvald Knutin and Solveig (Sandvik) Williamson. After graduating from Sevastopol High School with the Class of 1970, she obtained her […]

  • Obituary: Steven Olaf Olsen

    May 9, 1956 ~ October 10, 2020 Steven Olaf Olsen, 64, of Sturgeon Bay, WI, and Ocala, FL, died in the comfort of his home in Sturgeon Bay on Saturday, October 10, 2020. He was born May 9, 1956 in Sturgeon Bay, the son of Olaf Leonard Olsen and Helen M. (Flock) Olsen. Steve attended Gibraltar […]

  • National Guard to Offer Community Testing Sites

    Door County is partnering with the Wisconsin National Guard to offer free COVID-19 testing for the community every Monday beginning Oct. 19 and continuing through dec. 7.  Testing will be offered from 8 am – 4 pm.  The location of the testing site will rotate each week between a northern and a central site within  […]

  • Final Hours to Respond to Census Today

    The Census Bureau will end 2020 census data collection today, Oct. 15, 2020. People who have not yet responded to the census survey in person, by mail, or online can still do so online at or by phone. Click here for a list of numbers. Paper responses must be post-marked by Oct. 15, 2020. […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Strengthening Advocacy for Societal Change

    Several years ago, HELP of Door County created vision and mission statements that continue to reflect our values:  Vision statement: We desire a world free of violence, that recognizes the uniqueness and capabilities of all persons; where all people have access to resources; where all people respect each other and appreciate differences. Mission statement: The […]

  • Letter to the Editor: A Plea to the Democratic Party of Door County

    I salute the Door County Democrats who’ve taken part in the risk-management workshops at Thumbs Up Across America. Together, we’ve identified the vandals who’ve stolen and cut up Trump signs during this campaign. Together, we’ve proven there’s no honor among the vocal minority, which has commandeered the party to which I once belonged. The Democratic […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Are You Undecided?

    If you support conservative policies but struggle with the boastful bullying and untruthful tweets, consider that character matters most. These words of courageous, patriotic leaders and highly respected publications are compelling. “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people – does not even pretend to try. […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Our Commons Are Being Stolen

    Under the current administration, 64 policies and protections have been reversed, rolled back or revoked by the Environmental Protection Agency as of May 2020, according to research by Harvard and Columbia Law Schools). The EPA’s mission is to protect human health and the environment.  One example is the recent decision to reduce the water-quality discharge […]

  • Letter to the Editor: No Room for Personal Vendettas, Unprofessional Behavior

    As a resident of Egg Harbor, it is my right and responsibility to attend open meetings of the Egg Harbor Joint Fire Commission when I have concerns. Those concerns are about the decisions made by the new Egg Harbor Fire Department chief: promoting his wife and brother to command positions, demoting a qualified and experienced […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Slowing COVID-19 Means Taking Personal Responsibility

    As we see COVID-19 cases rise dramatically in our area, along with the ever-increasing politicization of the pandemic, there seems to be a mountain of conflicting information regarding the virus. As such, it may seem impossible to tell fact from fiction. One thing upon which we should all be able to agree is that the […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Threats to Social Security and Health Care

    I was recently alarmed to learn that the president’s budget proposes big cuts to Social Security payments to seniors. Then I heard him say he wanted to drop the payroll tax, which provides the funding for the Social Security program. Many of us seniors depend on Social Security for basic needs such as food, clothing, […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Support School Referendums

    The League of Women Voters of Door County urges residents of the school districts of Sevastopol and Southern Door to support their schools’ educational programs by voting “yes” on the referendums that appear on the Nov. 3 ballot. Since 1927, the League of Women Voters at the national, state and local levels has studied and […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Voter Alert

    Today I received a mailing from the Republican Party of Wisconsin. It said, “VOTER ALERT: Public records indicate you have not yet returned your ballot. ACT NOW: Return your ballot today!” The truth is, I’ve already returned my ballot to the designated drop-off site. And, I wondered, what public records was the mailing referring to? […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Donald Trump Versus Joe Biden on Health Care

    I had the privilege of serving my community as chief financial officer at our rural hospital for 28 years. This let me understand how important a hospital is to forming and maintaining the fabric of the community. I know in our Wisconsin community, we had staff providing assistance to hundreds of people to sign up […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Abter Anderson the Choice for Treasurer

    I would just like to say a little word about Jan Arbter Anderson, who is running for Door County treasurer. I have known Jan for many years because her older brother was a good high school friend, and I have known her since those crazy high school days.  What I know is that Jan worked […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Gallagher Silent When It Counts

    The letter about Rep. Mike Gallagher’s meeting with a positive, flag-waving group in Door County reminded me of a brush with him that I’ll never forget. Three summers ago, over the July Fourth holiday, I spotted Gallagher at the YMCA and spoke up about forced separation of migrant families at the border – the hot […]

  • COVID-19 Hospitalizations on the Rise in Door County

    Hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Door County reached a new high earlier this week, according to Brian Stephens, CEO of Door County Medical Center. The hospital has consistently had five or six patients with COVID-19 hospitalized for several days, after having few to none for several months. Stephens said those patients typically stay an average of […]

  • Obituary: Marilyn Jane Hanks

    November 18, 1943 ~ October 13, 2020 Marilyn Jane Hanks, 76, of Sturgeon Bay, died on October 13th, 2020 surrounded by family. She was born in Elgin, Illinois to Albert and Marion (Anderson) Wermich on November 18th, 1943. She was a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which was a focal point in her life. On […]