DCL Summer 2017 - volume 15 issue 2

Summer 2017 – volume 15 issue 2

editor Jim Lundstrom

assistant editor Alissa Ehmke

art & literature editor Alyssa Skiba

production manager David Eliot

creative director Ryan Miller

photography director Len Villano

sales managers Jess Farley, Stephen Grutzmacher

contributing editors David Clowers, Jess Farley, Roy and Charlotte Lukes, Jackson Parr, Olivia Quinlan, Patty Williamson and Sean Zak

distribution manager Angela Sherman

courier The Paper Boy, LLC

distribution experts Michael Brooks, Steve Glabe, Michael Hyde, Matthew Smith, Susie Vania, Drew Witteborg

publisher David Eliot

office manager Ben Pothast

marketing & office assistant Abigail Thornton

chief technology officer Nate Bell

owners David Eliot

Volume 15 Issue 2: 40,000 copies (6,117 mailed)

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In this issue

  • The Sun: Our Fickle Mistress

    Welcome to this latest issue of Door County Living, assembled to celebrate the season of plenty here on the peninsula. At 11:24 pm on June 20, we here in the Central Time Zone, along with our friends in other times zones throughout the Northern Hemisphere, entered the summer solstice, the time of long days and […]

  • Poem: ‘Her Present Season’ by David Clowers

    Editor’s Note:  In honor of Door County’s rich literary and photography communities, the editorial staff at Door County Living decided to highlight both in this issue’s literature section. This spring, we looked through a collection of photos from photography director Len Villano’s archives for an image that best conveys the carefree feel of a Door […]

  • Inside the Dunes Dwelling: Door County’s Hobbit Home

    On South Cave Point and Glidden drives, there are dueling stretches, both lake and woodside, of homes and cottages that all have unique stories. One home in particular sits on a two-acre plot on South Cave Point Drive. This home had acquired several nicknames through the years, such as “The Dome” and “Mushroom House.” It […]

  • Little Bit LeClair: A Woman Who Gets Things Done

    If you ask a group of old-timers in the county who Elizabeth LeClair is, chances are you’ll get a puzzled look from several of them. But change the first name to Little Bit, and faces will light up in recognition. It’s understandable. The name Elizabeth lasted only a day or so. “The day my parents […]

  • A Journey to Discovery: Algoma Potter Jimmy Eddings

    Any artist bent on making a mark on the art world will acknowledge the inherent risk of their goal. Countless hours spent working on a piece won’t guarantee its success in the market. Rigorous self-promotion won’t guarantee a place in a gallery. And when pursuing an art professorship at a university, a lengthy resume touting […]

  • Deer Run Golf Course

    Deer Run: Washington Island’s Golf Course

    Like many things, golf courses exist on a wild spectrum. The elements that make The Da Vinci Code a book — words that frame sentences that frame paragraphs — also make The Very Hungry Caterpillar a book. Likewise, the elements that make Whistling Straits a golf course in Sheboygan — tee boxes that lead to […]

  • Door to Nature: Avian Architects

    Editor’s note:  While Roy Lukes died at the age of 86 on June 26, 2016, his nature articles will continue to live on in Door County Living with the help of Roy’s wife, Charlotte, who has agreed to continue providing work from Roy’s extensive archives. For that reason, the article includes both their names. Birds […]

  • Down on the Farm Since 1902: The Henschel Family

    If Joe Young and Sam M. Lewis had known about the dynasty that had begun in Door County 17 years earlier, their 1919 hit song, “How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm,” might never have been written. Ed Henschel, one of 15 children in a family from Elkhart Lake, needed to strike out […]

  • The Evolution of Classical Music in Door County: Performance Centers Adapt to Changes

    Chances are, anything you have read about classical music in the past few decades has fallen under two headlines. There is the “Classical Music is Dead” camp, claiming declining audience numbers, orchestra strikes and an elderly audience that is dying off. Many of these are written by hip young musicians, either diverting from their own […]

  • On Your Plate: Spicy Summer Salsas

    Salsa simply translates to “sauce” in English. The sauces we Americans categorize as salsa are typically tomato-based concoctions spiced with a mixture of garlic, onions, chiles, cilantro and salt. Some versions have more ingredients. Mostly they are spicy and eaten with chips. Salsa has become an industry. Tasty, spicy varieties line the grocery shelves. You […]

  • First Female Deputy Connie Schuster Reflects on Career in Law Enforcement

    The Door County Sheriff’s Department was a man’s world in 1983 when 21-year-old Connie Eucker became the first female patrol officer in the department. “It certainly has been quite the journey,” said Connie (Eucker) Schuster just weeks before her May 15, 2017 retirement from the force. “It’s hard to believe 34 years have gone by.” […]

  • In Your Glass: Cherry, Cherry Sangria!

    My goal was to create a Sangria with as many local products as possible, a Door County Sangria, if you will. How about cherry Sangria? Never heard of it, but why not? The idea came to me after I had already come up with several other more traditional Sangria recipes. I was in Main Street […]

  • On Your Plate: Pizza From Scratch

    Pizza as we know it has been an ever-evolving consumable since the beginning of time, starting off as flatbread in the north Mediterranean region, including modern-day Greece, Italy and Southern France. Pizza started by incorporating simple ingredients such as garlic, onion and herbs and eventually included a tomato base sauce and cheese. It has gone […]

  • How Gardner Got Its Name

    If you were to page through the 1896 edition of the Commemorative Biographical Records of the West Shore of Green Bay, you would find that many of those listed as natives of the region worked at one time for lumber baron Freeland B. Gardner at the lumber yard he opened in Pensaukee in 1850, or […]