Winter 2008/2009 – volume 6 issue 4

Publisher: Brad Massey

Editor: David Eliot

Associate Editors: Sara Massey, Madeline Johnson

Copy Editor: Allison Vroman

Photography Director: Dan Eggert

Contributing Editors: Kay McKinley Arneson, Lauren Bremer, Julia Chomeau, Katie Dahl, Myles Dannhausen Jr., Jacinda Duffin, Dan Eggert, Mariah Goode, Steve Grutzmacher, Roy Lukes, Jake Nyberg, Megan O’Meara, Melissa Ripp, Sheila Sabrey-Saperstein

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In this issue

  • The Rocks of Door County: Building with Native Stone

    Anyone visiting the Door Peninsula for the first time is certain to be struck by the multitude of stone fences separating the fields. These often-massive structures, in terms of width, are as much a testament to the difficulties faced by farmers as they are to the notoriously limited topsoil available in much of the county. […]

  • Open Mic Scene

    Door County’s emergence as a national arts destination is no secret and, thanks in part to the attention generated by Sturgeon Bay’s annual Steel Bridge Songfest, music shares the arts spotlight during the busy summer months. But what about when winter arrives and most of Door County seems to shut down? I sat down with […]

  • On Call, On the Edge: Fighting Fire in the Door

    “When you’re entering atmospheres that are in excess of 1,000 degrees, you’re living life on the edge,” Caleb Whitney says wryly about his job as a firefighter and company officer for the Baileys Harbor Fire Department. Indeed, the firefighters of northern Door County live on many “edges” simultaneously, straddling the lines between fire and water, […]

  • Local Entrepreneur: Kim Jensen

    For most restaurateurs, operating one restaurant successfully proves challenging to  even the most driven and talented of owners. For Kim Jensen, running three restaurants, a bakery and a catering business seems to be the most logical thing in the world. She is genuinely puzzled when people inevitably question:  “What possesses you to do this?” Perhaps […]

  • Sherwood Point Lighthouse

    Sherwood Point Lighthouse: The Keeper of the Ship Canal

    Known for its uncharacteristic red brick and for its double distinction of being both the last Door County lighthouse to be automated and the last manned lighthouse on the Great Lakes, Sherwood Point Lighthouse is perched at the end of a serene country road, near Sturgeon Bay’s Idlewild area. The story of Sherwood Point is […]

  • Animal Tracks

    Article by Roy Lukes Some wild animal tracks in the snow are often the only evidence of these creatures many people get to observe. The common daytime feeders, such as the Wild Turkey, the Red and the Gray Squirrels, along with songbirds, are quite easy to study, even to the point of seeing the particular […]

  • It’s Not Easy Being Green: Zigzagging Toward Sustainability

    By now, you’re probably feeling inundated by all the media buzz highlighting “sustainable this” or “green that.” People talk about how easy it is to become sustainable and how environmentally unfriendly everyone else is, while “to do” lists detail behaviors that will lessen your impact, or “carbon footprint,” on the planet. Even though I’ve written […]

  • In Balance

    Kathy Faulds’ jewelry is so distinctive that rock stars wear it. Literally. A few years back, musician Chris Aaron heard through the grapevine that Kathy Faulds, the beautiful bartender at the Bayside Tavern, made jewelry. Aaron had a stone that he had been carrying for years. Kathy remembers, “It was this agate stone that he […]

  • A Man of Many Faces: Bob Bentley

    The work of R.D. Bentley hangs in the White House and in some of the best boardrooms in the nation. His portraits include Sir George Solti, esteemed maestro of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Dan Rostenkowski, Chicago Congressman; President George W. and Laura Bush; and countless government, corporate and academic VIPs across the country. A visit […]

  • A Culinary Anchor: The Inn at Cedar Crossing

    It takes just one bite of the Brie Cheese Beignet (a brie cheese wedge, breaded, fried crisp, and served with raspberry coulis and fresh fruit) to let me know that I’ve made the right decision to lunch at the Inn at Cedar Crossing in downtown Sturgeon Bay. Located on the corner of Third Avenue and […]

  • “Perks” Take Base Camp to Higher Ground

    Service at a lower level isn’t what it used to be. Not when you can open the door to Base Camp Coffee Bar below Ecology Sports in Sister Bay and be greeted warmly – by the coffee, by the staff and by the fire. With his back to the flames of the gas stove, the […]

  • Quarry House Revisited: An Update on the Project a Year Later

    In Door County Living’s fall 2007 issue, I wrote an article about what most people have nicknamed “The Quarry House.” Located on Spring Road in Fish Creek, the house stands in the center of a large, former rock quarry. Owners Mitch and Mary Heinrichs painstakingly created their dream retirement home by drawing up their own […]