Winter 2009/2010 – volume 7 issue 4

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In this issue

  • Riding the Waves of the Sturgeon Bay Shipbuilding Industry

    Bay Shipbuilding Company has made it through tough economic times before, something it will have to do again to return to prominence.

  • Southern Taste, Northern Place

    For carnivores, there is no greater scent than the smell of barbeque, of meats being slowly cooked over low heat produced by real wood. It’s the scent of backyard barbeques, competitive festivals and wildly popular restaurants around the country, with regional favorites from Texas to Kansas City, Memphis to the Carolinas. These days, Door County […]

  • A Warm Drink for the Cold Country

    Bayside Coffee:  it sounds innocuous enough. When I first heard the term, I figured it referred to a Door County coffee shop I’d somehow never heard of, a sunny café that featured cheerful baristas serving hot coffee in thick mugs to content, relaxed patrons. The servers of the Bayside Coffee are indeed cheerful and their […]

  • The Art of Chair Seats

    “It was as if my father had entered the room,” Sue Stone said, “as if he had channeled through Arvid to help me!” Stone had brought a family antique side chair to the “Clearing in Winter” caning and rushing class that meets at Scandia Village. As she removed the old woven rush, she found writing […]

  • Rustic Fish Gallery

    On top of a tall display shelf in the Rustic Fish Gallery sit eight rectangular blocks of wood. The leftmost block is plain and bald, distinguished only by a rough point on its tip. As the blocks progress to the right, a figure begins to emerge, clearer in each block than it was in the […]

  • The Audio Files

    As somewhat of an audiophile, I find that I instantly gravitate toward people who like music. It doesn’t matter if you and I don’t happen to like the same music – any passion one might have for any kind of riff, lyric, or beat is what means the most to me. So, it may not […]

  • Looking for the Shush

    When the cool winds start to blow and thick sweaters are donned following a season in storage, some Door County dwellers start planning their journey south. But other local residents turn their heads to the wind with growing enthusiasm for the winter months ahead. Their names are Buddy, Mushka, Spirit, Juno and Magic, to name […]

  • Geothermal Energy

    The issue of going “green” has slowly and surely pervaded the global conversation about energy use, and it has become apparent that choosing eco-friendly products and lifestyles is no longer a question – it’s a necessity. The inevitability of change has arrived and consumers are seeking out opportunities to make responsible choices that can benefit […]

  • Door County YMCA is All About Community

    In 1992, I took my first class at the Door County YMCA. It was quite an endeavor:  waking up early in the winter dark, driving from my Egg Harbor home to Sturgeon Bay, and making my way to the old high school where, after decades of teachers yelling, “Don’t run in the halls,” Y instructors […]

  • Living for Purpose & Possibilities

    For those who may not know her, Judy Drew is the Executive Director of the Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP) in Sturgeon Bay. She came to the position in August of 2004 after working many years dealing with insurance and financial services. On the surface, it was quite a shift. Here’s how she describes it. “When […]

  • East Coast Commuter Yacht Undergoes a Midwest Refit

    While many boat yards throughout the country are morphing into private marinas, Yacht Works of Sister Bay has expanded its services to accommodate larger scale restoration projects. One such project underway is the restoration of the classic motor yacht Sea Spray. Rolling full steam ahead last winter and spring, Yacht Works has been rebuilding much […]

  • The Wild Turkey in Door County

    The historical range of the Wild Turkey in Wisconsin, as documented by Schorger in 1943, did not include Door County. These large birds were found mostly in the southern third of the state and their highest abundance was in the southwestern corner. By 1860 they were very uncommon and were completely extirpated by the late […]

  • Even the Ashes Were Gone: Lessons from the Peshtigo Fire

    “We are burning up. Send help.” This short, dire message to Wisconsin Governor Lucius Fairchild was the first contact sent from the epicenter of America’s deadliest fire ever. It was carried by boat as the lone telegraph line out of Peshtigo, Wisconsin had been burned weeks before. It gave none of the details which were, […]

  • A Legend of Winter: Greg “Fuzzy” Sunstrom

    There’s a common assumption that life in Door County grinds to a halt between the months of November and March. People that have never spent an entire winter in the county, much less visited in the “off-season,” tend to let their brains follow the easy path to this conclusion, believing that there simply can’t be […]