Winter 2013/2014 – volume 11 issue 4

Executive Editor Madeline Harrison

Editor Jim Lundstrom

Assistant Editor Alissa Ehmke

Arts & Literature Editor Sally Slattery

Contributing Editors Lauren Bremer, Jess Farley, Alissa Ehmke, Gary Jones, Matt Ledger, Katie Lott Schnorr, Roy Lukes, Jim Lundstrom, Ryan Miller, Sally Slattery, Carol Thompson, Len Villano, Patty Williamson

Photography Director Len Villano

Illustrator Ryan Miller

Advertising Sales Madeline Harrison, Jess Farley, Steve Grutzmacher

Publisher David Eliot

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In this issue

  • Roy Lukes

    Feeding Birds in the Winter

    Feeding wild songbirds in winter can be very rewarding and also challenging. Year-round feeding can be doubly gratifying, which is what Charlotte and I have been doing for many years. To be perfectly honest, we don’t supply these creatures with food thinking we are helping them remain alive and healthy. We realize our desire to […]

  • Len Villano

    A Day in the Life of a Snowstorm From the Seat of the Plow

    When the snow falls and most of us hunker down, the county's snowplow drivers hit the road in the dark to clear our paths.

  • Len Villano

    Chili: A Cold Weather Comfort

    Being a year-round resident of Door County, visitors often ask, “What do you all do here in the off season?” My standard answer to this question is:  “It’s my favorite time of year. There is time to reflect, time to reconnect, time to be still, time to get out and enjoy the quietness of the […]

  • Len Villano

    Preserving My Heritage: Making Swedish Meatballs

    There’s one reason why Swedish meatballs are important to me, and she’s pictured here. That’s my mom – Jean (Lundburg) Ehmke – the daughter of two Swedish immigrants, one from Stockholm and the other from Åseda in Småland. As a proud Swedish woman, my mother tried to reinforce the traditions of her heritage and culture; […]

  • Glögg: Warm and Wonderful

    Growing up, Pat Palmer of Baileys Harbor watched his father make and bottle glögg and give it to his friends at Christmas. “I just picked up on it,” says Palmer, who has been making his own glögg for more than 30 years. The traditional Scandinavian mulled wine is a perfect warmer-upper, and Palmer claims it […]

  • Len Villano

    WireTech Fabrications

    What is a business in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, to do to stay in the game against fierce foreign competition? That’s a question the team at WireTech Fabricators had to ask itself after it saw its high-volume grill business undercut and taken away by a Japanese manufacturer. Well, you batten down the hatches and look for […]

  • Len Villano

    Gregg Curzon and Scary Fast Cars

    Seeing Gregg Curzon, he appears how anyone would imagine a “local.” From Monday through Saturday he’s in his navy blue work shirt, busy helping locals and visitors with their motorsport and storage needs at his business Harbor Marine and Motorsports. He’s one of those guys who seemingly knows everyone in Door County, but, as he […]

  • Fifty Years of Making Music: Pat Judy

    Back in Mansfield, Ohio, 13-year-old Pat Judy was sitting at home when a man in the neighborhood stopped by, hat in hand, and asked the boy’s mom if he could sub for their sick drummer at the local Liederkranz Hall. The neighbor knew Pat played drums in school. Because he promised to chaperone the boy, […]

  • “Telling Isabella”

    Inspired by Jan Comstock’s painting, “The Dreamer.” Popcorn kernels are strewn about the carpet, as well as Isabella’s clothes – indigo jeans, a gray sweater with a turquoise peace symbol. She sits on the air mattress in her pure white pajamas, her legs straight in her ladybug sleeping bag as she leans against the small […]

  • Len Villano

    Spinning Tradition, Art and Friendship

    Sturgeon Bay’s Spin is a colorful, bustling scene. The former bank turned “yarn-topia” features rows of shelves stuffed with yarn – wool yarn, alpaca yarn, bamboo yarn, paper yarn – in all the colors of the rainbow, as well as knitting needles, buttons and books teaching readers how to create simple items, such as scarves […]

  • Len Villano

    On the Ice

    Door County winter fun isn’t restricted to cozy living rooms, quiet cafés or dark movie theaters. Don’t get me wrong – cuddling up inside with a good book, sipping tea and knocking movies off my must-see list are great activities for the chilly season – but when temperatures drop, outdoor fun on the ice is […]

  • The Frykmans Focus on Photography for Sister Bay Gallery

    It’s said that long-married spouses sometimes grow to resemble one another and that pets and their owners may share features. Noted fine art nature photographers Heather and Lucas Frykman say their style has converged to the point that occasionally even they can’t tell who took a particular picture. “Often, I’ll take a picture of Heather […]