Jacksonport Craft Cottage Features Holiday Ornaments

Sue and Joe Jarosh started Jacksonport Craft Cottage in 1984 as a small shop on their enclosed front porch. The Craft Cottage, currently celebrating 28 years, has expanded over the years and features the work of over 130 artists and craftsmen, including work from Amish families from a six-state area.

Featured at this time of the year is Barb Bicker from Fish Creek. Bicker creates handmade holiday ornaments and donates the proceeds to the Fish Creek Library; many of the library’s books have been purchased with funds from Bicker. Her ornaments are each created carefully and depict cats, dogs, snowmen, Santa and other holiday characters.

Jacksonport Craft Cottage Gifts & Gallery, open daily 9 am – 5 pm, is located at 6275 Highway 57 in Jacksonport.