Jane Austen, the Middle Ages and Hollywood Discussed at Bj?rklunden

From Aug. 16 – 21, Lawrence University’s Bj?rklunden is offering these seminars: “Jane Austen and Her World” with Timothy Spurgin; “The Medieval World: Art and Society” with Jane Tibbetts Schulenburg; and “Practically Perfect in Every Way: A Look at Some of the Best Films of the Classic Era and How and Why Their Reputations Endure” with Jack Rhodes.

In “Jane Austen and Her World,” the class will explore two distinct worlds. The first is the world that Jane Austen inhabited – the one she shared with parents, siblings, publishers, and patrons. The second is the world she created and seems eager to share with readers. This course is intended not only for Austen fans but also for people who are curious about her – and maybe even for skeptics, who have never known what the fuss is about.

“The Medieval World” will explore some of the major artistic treasures of the Middle Ages within their historical context. It will include a sampling of manuscript illuminations, stained glass, tapestries, and embroideries, and will look at the conditions that fostered their creation as well as what they can tell us about this fascinating period in history.

“Practically Perfect in Every Way” will focus on a few of the best films ever produced during Hollywood’s Classic Era. Participants will examine all components of these critically acclaimed movies, seeking to appreciate the elements that all came together to produce films whose impact and reputations still endure. Participants will learn about story line, acting, direction, music, costuming, editing, and other production values that contributed to the finished product of a “practically perfect” movie.

Seminar classes are held at Bj?rklunden’s lodge, just south of Baileys Harbor, and meet weekday mornings and some evenings. Each seminar includes meals prepared by Bj?rklunden’s resident chef. For complete course descriptions, fees and registration dates call 920.839.2216, email [email protected] or visit