Jay Leno Shows Interest in EZVJack

Steve and Carol Davis were pleasantly surprised to get a call from Jay Leno about their EZVJack.

After five years of design work, Dr. Steven Davis, orthopedic surgeon at Ministry Door County Medical Center, is ready to fill orders for his patent-pending EZVJack. Davis designed the “V” shaped moveable jack stand prototype, unlike any available on the market. The device brings the car up to a stable level, making bodywork and repair easier and more ergonomic.

Carol, Davis’ wife, convinced him to send a package, including information and photos, to Jay Leno’s agent [since Leno is an avid car collector].

It took about a month, but in mid-August, Davis’ cellphone rang. Carol said the expression on his face went from puzzlement to shock as he mouthed the words, “It’s Jay Leno!” The conversation lasted about five minutes, and Jay told Steve he thinks the EZVJack is a great product and he’d like to do a shoot about it in L.A. this fall. Jay then gave him the name and contact information for his agent before signing off.

They plan to make that contact soon and arrange a trip to Los Angeles later this year. For more information visit, find them on Facebook, or call 920.256.0549. Staff writer Carol Thompson wrote about the unveiling of the EZV Jack in June. See that story here: