JCC Features Hand-carved Figures

Carvings by Pat Klitzman.

Jacksonport Craft Cottage & Gifts currently features carved Cypress Knees by local artist Pat Klitzman.

Klitzman began carving years go after receiving a beginner’s set of carving tools, a block of wood and a book from her husband Ken. Klitzman has taken a few carving classes, but she is primarily self-taught. She specializes in Old World Santa Clauses and characters. Basswood and cypress are her favorite carving woods for creating these collector pieces.

Basswood is grown and milled locally in Door County. Knives, chisels and gouges are her tools of choice for this wood.

The Cypress Knees comes from the swamps of the south and are the root tips that aerate the Cypress trees. The roots must be boiled to remove the bark prior to carving. Klitzman has created many traditional Old World Santas from Cypress Knees – all carefully crafted.

Each carved piece is finished with a blend of linseed oil and oil paint, followed by a clear protective sealer. The piece is then hand rubbed to bring out the beauty of the wood.

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