Jeanne Kuhns’ New CD Nears Completion

(Left to right) Dan Hansen, Hans Christian, Jeanne Kuhns and Adam Mackintosh work on Kuhn’s recording, Ghost Ranch.

Jeanne Kuhns new CD project, Ghost Ranch is currently being completed at Hans Christian’s Allemande Studio in Sister Bay.

A project named after the place Georgia O’Keefe lived out her later years, “Ghost Ranch” is the title song on the CD, which includes 12 new, original songs and one cover song. Kuhns feels she has stretched a lot in writing these songs and is especially proud of her song “Nanuk,” about the plight of the polar bear.

This CD has traveled beyond the traditional boundaries of folk music incorporating rock and jazz elements. This evolution in her style of writing has been inspired by the many contributing artists, including: Maury Smith, Hans Christian, Chris Irwin, Lynn Gudmundsen, Tommy Burroughs, Eli Mattson, Claudia Russell, Woody Mankowski, Pat Judy, Maureen Milbach, Adam Mackintosh, Dan Mayhew, Ben Larsen, George Sawyn and Jenny and Robin Bienemann.

In addition to being a contributing musician, Hans Christian has been recording and co-producing the album with Kuhns. This is the second CD Kuhns and Christian have worked on together, and it has been an imaginative and visionary project. Christian wears many hats, working as studio engineer, producer, arranger and musician.

Maury Smith, a fantastic guitar player from Madison, also helped Jeanne arrange many of her songs. Kuhns met Smith when he came to play at the Town Hall Bakery and offered to work on her songs with her.

Ghost Ranch will be released at a celebration concert at the Woodwalk Gallery & Events, located on Hwy G south of Egg Harbor, on June 28 at 7 pm. Tickets will be $10 at the door.

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