Jim Legault Photos at Turtle Ridge Gallery

Turtle Ridge Gallery has installed Ice to Vapor: Macro Photographs by Jim Legault on the walls of the Garden Space, and Legault will be available to answer questions at a reception July 27, 1-3 pm. He has worked on many projects in Door County and other locales. 

The elements in these macro photos – which use unusual imagery and photographic techniques – are water, light and time. Water appears as ice, condensation and liquid. Refracted, reflected and transmitted light are used simultaneously. Their sources are natural light, flash and LED bulbs, and colored gels and colored backgrounds are sometimes used.

Nothing is lost or wasted during the process: Water is returned to the atmosphere as vapor, and the gels and backgrounds are reused.

Legault said of his work, “These photographs, like a visual science fiction, are a way to move my imagination closer to the possibilities of the landscapes, cosmic events and details of space. This project has become a personal black hole … absorbing and bending my time and thought.”


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