Jinkins Hits Hole-in-One at The Orchards

“Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while,” said a surprised Mark Jinkins on Aug. 24 when he and the rest of his golf foursome at The Orchards didn’t see his ball on the hole #3 green – because it was in the cup! 

Jinkins is a retired Pinkert Law Firm attorney and CPA, and he runs the Idlewild Golf Club’s senior men’s group on Thursdays at the Sturgeon Bay club, where he’s a member. He noted that with a 31 handicap, he would be unlikely to get an eagle (two under par on a given hole), so a hole-in-one on that par-3 hole landed Jinkins his first eagle.

Jack Jackson congratulated Jinkins and ensured that the mandatory Wisconsin State Golf Association documentation was completed, which required the signatures of witnesses Reid Firestone, Dan Williams and Jim Hansen. Back at Idlewild, Jinkins also received felicitations from the new course owner/operator, Brandon Hansen.

Jinkins’ advice? “One can never predict the fulfillment of a dream, so keep on playing!”

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