Jody Jessup Opens Psychotherapy Office in Sister Bay

Jody Jessup, LPC, RD has announced the opening of a new Sister Bay office to see clients for psychological counseling. She specializes in personal growth, eating disorders, stress, wellness, relationship issues, weight loss, and medical concerns requiring nutritional consultation.

Jessup is a professional psychotherapist licensed by the state of Wisconsin and certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors, the largest national counseling credentialing association in the US. She holds a master’s degree from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and an RD from Eastern Michigan University.

As one of only a handful of professional psychotherapists in the US who is also a registered dietitian, Jessup holds unique qualifications to deal with the entire range of food issues and body image concerns. She has over a decade of experience working with women and adolescents who struggle with disordered eating, including binge eating, anorexia, and bulimia.

In addition to working with food-related issues, Jessup has extensive experience in life skills enhancement and in counseling couples, adolescents, and individual adults who are coping with depression, anxiety, and communication problems. She is also available for food coaching via telephone.

For more information, contact Jody at 920.839.9900 or [email protected].