Journalists Visit Sturgeon Bay to Highlight UW-Extension Family Programming in Upcoming Film

On Nov. 8, Sturgeon Bay hosted Emmy Award-winning journalist, Doug Shimell of Focus Media Services in Philadelphia and Stephanie Colvin-Roy of the Center for the Promotion of Social and Emotional Learning located in Camp Hill, Penn. The two will work with Sturgeon Bay schools, families and University of Wisconsin-Extension staff to highlight the success of local school and family-centered programming during the filming of The Dr. Myrna Shure Story.

Dr. Shure is professor emeritus in the Department of Psychology at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She is also the creator of the two programs that will be highlighted in Sturgeon Bay. These programs include the school-based social and emotional learning/bullying prevention program I Can Problem Solve, and the family-centered program Raising a Thinking Child. Shimell said, “The Dr. Myrna Shure Story is a biographical look back on her revolutionary body of work.” These scientifically tested programs build conflict resolution, critical thinking and problem solving skills in children and their families.

While the Raising a Thinking Child program has been successfully implemented by UW-Extension Family Living Educators in the state of Wisconsin for 10 years, Sturgeon Bay was the first district in the state of Wisconsin to implement both Raising a Thinking Child and I Can Problem Solve simultaneously in 2016. In addition, families and children in Sturgeon Bay took part in a first of its kind research evaluation of both programs, spearheaded by the University of Wisconsin-Extension. Tenley Koehler, Door County UW-Extension Family Living Educator said, “Initial results for the program are impressive, with students seeing a significant increase in pro-social and problem solving skills by nearly 20 percent in just one year.”

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