‘June Falling Down’ Set to Release on iTunes

June Falling Down, a feature film shot in Door County, is set to release on ‘June Falling Down’ Set to Release on iTunes this summer for rental and purchase. Pre-sales started June 27 and the film will be available July 18. DVDs will also be available.

The film centers on a young woman, June, returning home to Door County for her best friend Harley’s wedding – who she just might be in love with. The wedding coincides with the one-year anniversary of her father’s death, and her grief over his loss only makes her feelings for Harley more complicated.

June Falling Down ‘June Falling Down’ Set to Release on iTunes is written and directed by Rebecca Weaver and is produced by Chris Irwin. It stars a number of locally known actors and musicians, including Nick Hoover, Claire Morkin, Justin Pahnturat, Evan Board, Joanna Becker, Elliot Goettelman and Steven Koehler as well as performances by Big Mouth and Katie Dahl with Rich Higdon.

The film especially showcases Door County’s beauty in the summer, including Whitefish Dunes and Kangaroo Lake as well as a number of local businesses, such as Town Hall Bakery, Northern Grill Pizza, Nelson’s Hardware, AC Tap, Blue Ox and Woodwalk Gallery.

All pre-sales purchases will receive a video of the film’s blooper reel. For more information visit

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