‘Junk to Art’ Sculptures at Cappaert Contemporary Gallery

New sculptures have arrived at Cappaert Contemporary Gallery from artists Greg and Betty Gregorich.

Greg always had a keen eye for finding scrap materials to skillfully use in projects. What some discarded as trash, Greg seized as found treasure. Greg and his wife, Betty, create fine art sculptures with a sense of zen, peacefulness and serenity. Betty’s visionary talents seek to inspire Greg’s art to provide an experience, spark a feeling or elicit emotions. Together they combine their ideas and talents to create life-size yoga figures, peace, love and happiness sculptures, sun salutations and musical figures.

Ginnie Cappaert is happy to include Greg’s art at the gallery. She said, “A humble man by nature, he probably never imagined that his work would be so well received at galleries. His sculptures are placed throughout the gallery sculpture garden, often bringing smiles to customers faces.”

Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, located at 7901 Highway 42 in Egg Harbor, is open 10 am to 5 pm daily through October. For more information, visit or call 920.868.3987.


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