Packers Need to Get Creative With Rodgers

I like Aaron Rodgers, and I know that Packer pass protection is atrocious thus far (proving once again that the pre-season means nothing in the NFL) but despite the bad rap Brett Favre has received and the atrocious end to his season in 2008, consider the following stats.

In the last 18 games, Brett Favre is 11 – 7, Aaron Rodgers is 7 – 11. Watching Rodgers swallow the ball on a couple sacks yesterday begs the unthinkable question – does Rodgers need to take more risks? The Packers may have the deepest receiving corps in the league with six quality targets emerging (after stalwarts Donald Driver and Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Jermichael Finley and Donald Lee are all solid talents), coach Mike McCarthy may need to get more creative to get them the ball.

Think Mike Holmgren in the days when Sterling Sharpe was the only option and the O-line included such studs as Ron Hallstrom, Tootie Robbins, and Rich Moran.

Holmgren would send Sharpe in motion, put him in the backfield, direct snap to him, basically do anything to keep the defense off balance using the only weapon he had. The misdirection combined with roll-outs also served to slow the pass rush and hide a weak line. Didn’t hurt that TE Ed West was essentially a sixth lineman either.

By the way, for a little perspective on how long Favre’s been starting at QB, check out the complete Packers roster from Favre’s first season in Green Bay in 1992. Wow. Lewis Billups has been dead for 15 years! Vince Workman. Burnell Dent. Matt Brock. Don Davey. Talk about a talent gap!