Karate Promotions

Congratulations to all of the members Living Hope Dojo and members of Goju-Ryu Karate at the Door County YMCA. Here is a list of the promotions:

(Left to right) Instructor Shaun Koulias, Angel Jauregui, Leif Olson and Mateo Jauregui were tested for promotion at the Northern Door YMCA on June 2.

(Bottom row, left to right) Jacqueline Barlas, Sawyer Clarke, Zoey Stuth, Will Estes, Jack Monfils, (top row) Instructor Shaun Koulias, Jerry Kobishop, Jacob Hooker, Tami Leist, Kari Hoffman, Tyler Kiehnau, Kevin Smith, Ben Hooker and Steven Beasley were tested for promotions on June 3 at the Sturgeon Bay YMCA.

(Bottom row, left to right) Aiden Neal, Jack Minten, Wyatt Hertwig, Michael Garza, Theo Goode, Sean Neal, Gwendolyn Sohns, Abigail DeMeuse, (top row) Will Friedenfels, Eric Hoyerman, Leif Olson, Monique McCormack, Bella Brackin, Tucker Brackin, Gage Rowe, Rich DeMeuse and instructor Shaun Koulias were tested for promotion on June 4 at the Northern Door YMCA.

(Bottom row, left to right) Cassandra Brauer, Miranda Gregory, MaKenna Geyer, Tyler Vertz, Sophie McAllister, Hans Golwitzer, Luke Filar, (top row) instructor Shaun Koulias, Carla Brauer, Alexis Fickett, Tami Leist, Steven Beasley, Carson Stude, Connie Stude and Sebastian Stude were tested for promotions on June 5 at the Sturgeon Bay YMCA.

Members of the Living Hope Dojo, a USA Goju Ryu Karate Do School that meets in the hall of the Institute Saloon, were tested for promotions on June 7. The members are: (top row, left to right) Kay Severson-Haen, Ray Roberts, Jenny Schier, Phil Faustini, Shodan Jamie Faustini, Brittany Hanson, Lynn Schuster, Barb Schaefer and Shihan Mark Stephens; (bottom row) Gabe Kuehn, Aiden Isaksen, Sensei Marci Faustini and Damaion Rehor-Warwick. The Living Hope Dojo meets at 4:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Submitted photo.