Kewaunee County Fights Invasives with GLRI Grant

Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission has recently been awarded a grant of nearly $600,000 in Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) funding to manage invasive species in Kewaunee County. The project will involve the mapping and inventory of target invasive plants, outreach and education to Kewaunee County residents, and chemical or mechanical control of the invaders on 1,000 acres within the county. The invasive species targeted through the project include phragmites, wild parsnip and Japanese knotweed.

The project is being kicked off with the development of a plan to inventory the invasive plants, followed by a treatment plan and a request for proposals by contractors. Treatments are expected to start as soon as summer.

In addition, Bay Lake Regional Planning is taking the lead in forming the Lake Michigan Regional Invasive Species Coalition (LMRISC), which Door County Invasive Species Team representatives will participate in. LMRISC will take the existing Bay-Lake Phragmites Advisory Council, comprised of professionals that manage phragmites in northeast Wisconsin, and expand the focus to include more species and a larger geographic area.

In addition, several other local organizations also received grants to tackle invasive species including the Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership and Wisconsin DNR.

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