Kewaunee County Launches “State Biogas Project” Web Page

Kewaunee County has created an informational web page on titled, “State Biogas Project” as a service to the public and local elected officials, regarding the state of Wisconsin’s proposed Integrated Anaerobic Digester System Program.

On Nov. 17, 2016, Gov. Scott Walker and officials from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection came to Kewaunee County to announce this initiative, which would ultimately convert animal waste into energy, in hopes of improving manure management practices and groundwater quality.

The purpose of the web page built by Kewaunee County is about keeping everyone informed, as previously stated by Kewaunee County Chairman Robert Weidner to the Kewaunee County Board of Supervisors on December 20, 2016. “I think that it’s important that no one board member has knowledge that others don’t have access to. There’s nothing about this project that should be secret or should be confined to just a few members of the board,” said Chairman Weidner.

Kewaunee County will continue to add to the web page, as more official documents become available, including news releases, memos or emails pertaining to the proposal.

To view the “State Biogas Project” web page, visit

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