Kewaunee Public Health Promotes Breastfeeding Friendly Business

The Kewaunee County Public Health Department is partnering with local businesses and organizations to become breastfeeding friendly for their employees and patrons. The 2018 initiative has designated five new businesses and organizations in Kewaunee County as breastfeeding friendly. These include the Algoma Public Library, Autumn Journeys, East Shore Industries, Silver Leaf and Linden Manor, and Wiesner and Massart Funeral Home. Along with these groups, multiple other agencies are working toward a designation as well. In order to be considered breastfeeding friendly, businesses and organizations are required to put a policy in place. Each policy mandates that employers provide employees a safe and private space, besides a bathroom to pump or breastfeed, adequate time, access to a clean water source, and the ability for employees to store their milk in a refrigerator.

“We appreciate the time and effort these groups put into making this happen and hope more businesses in the county will follow the lead and create a better, more comfortable environment for breastfeeding employees in our community,” said Cindy Kinnard, RN, director of Kewaunee County Public Health Department. If you are interested in becoming a breastfeeding friendly business, contact Anna

Westmark at the Kewaunee County Public Health Department at 920.388.7160.

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