Kingdom So Delicious

Kingdom So Delicious is a three-week culinary tour of Door County starting on September 7 and running through September 25. This annual celebration of farm and food is organized by the Door County Visitor Bureau (DCVB) and the University of Wisconsin Extension Service.

Kingdom So Delicious will be an exploration of food producers and food preparers during which visitors will be able to participate in multi-level culinary adventures throughout this popular vacation destination.

There will be tours of organic vegetable, meat and egg producers, specialty products like grass fed beef, elk and anything else interesting and food-related – like the USDA Potato Gene Bank right here at latitude 45. Demonstrations on food preservation, discussions on why heritage vegetables are such a vital genetic resource and other presentations round out the offerings. Farmers and food producers will pair up with chefs, cooks, restaurants and cooking schools to present ways to prepare local products from the traditional to unusual, from Booyah to Burbot.

Lots of mid-week events are being planned to appeal to both visitors and residents, which will leave weekends free for the harvest festivals already planned by the communities up and down the peninsula, such as Carlsville Day and the Sister Bay Farmers Market. In Southern Door, there will be a chance to experience the Belgian culinary and farming traditions. In Northern Doors, participants can explore specialty producers by learning how to press cider, making sauerkraut and growing specialty vegetables. The focus on Washington Island will be on the revival of traditional sustainable agriculture, specialty farming, fresh flour grinding and much more.

An informative booklet will list specialty events along with all the farmers’ markets, restaurants preparing locally produced ingredients for service at their tables and other fun food-related activities.

The name for this culinary tour, Kingdom So Delicious, was the title of a March 1969 National Geographic feature article about Door County. That article was a catalyst in helping to put Door County on the national map as a popular U.S. vacation destination.

For more information please contact Sally Everhardus, Director of Administration for the Door County Visitor Bureau (DCVB) at 920.743.4456 or [email protected], or Jon Jarosh at [email protected].