Kress Pavilion to Hold Presentation on the Long-Lost Horseshoe Bay Settlement

Mention Horseshoe Bay, and immediately people associate it with the historical farms and sprawling beach, but there was much more to the area before the farms and sunbathing. 

Discover the long-lost Horseshoe Bay Settlement during an Egg Harbor Historical Society presentation by Giz Herbst on March 2, 2:30 pm, at the Kress Pavilion in Egg Harbor.

The Horseshoe Bay Settlement – compared to the early, sleepy villages of Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Ephraim and others – was a hot spot as a busy lumbering settlement. It would have a general store, blacksmith shop, boarding houses, private homes, tavern and school – all the amenities a settlement would need. By the early 1900s, however, the forest was depleted, and by 1915, the Horseshoe Bay Settlement was all but gone, providing the opportunity to develop Horseshoe Bay Farms.