Labor Day By the Numbers


Percentage of full-time American workers who work from home.


Percentage of unemployed Americans.


Number of minutes for the average commute to work. Maryland has the longest average commute of 32.5 minutes.


Percentage of workers who drive alone to work each day. Another 9.4 percent carpool and 0.6 percent ride bikes to work.


Median earnings for full-time female workers.


Median earnings for full-time male workers.


Number of unemployed military veterans, with 59 percent age 45 and above, 37 percent ages 25 to 44, and 4 percent ages 18 to 24.

6.8 million

Number of workers who hold more than one job.

11.6 million

Number of American male workers in service occupations.

15 million

Number of American female workers in service occupations.

16.2 million

Number of American workers represented by a union in 2014. New York has the highest percentage of union workers, 24.6 percent, and North Carolina the lowest, 1.9 percent.

157 million

The number of Americans 16 and above in the nation’s labor force.

Source:  U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor

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