Labor Day Playlist

For those who enjoy the fruits of their labor with a three-day weekend, what is a day off without some good tunes to go along with it? Jackson Parr compiled some songs to help you appreciate the working-folks holiday.


“Don’t Talk to Me About Work” – Lou Reed

This is likely the first thing most of us feel upon waking up during the weekday and it’s especially true of the weekend. Hopefully, no one will talk to you about work this Labor Day. After all, it’s, “A perfect day to get out of bed/shower, dress, shave, kiss you on the head.” Or, don’t even shave. You’re on vacation.


“Career Opportunities” – The Clash

The ClashReleased on the English band’s first studio album, this song was likely a prayer to play music instead of making tea at BBC, joining the army or being an ambulance man. Even if you have a job that repulses Joe Strummer, enjoy this day away from the office.


“It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” – Jimmy Buffett

Although fielding this request far too many times as a member of a band has turned me away from ever listening to it again, it is an essential post-work song. I recommend the version by Alan Jackson, reminding you to keep your boat between the navigational beacons as you send off summer on the lake.


“A Hard Day’s Night” – The Beatles

Beatles Hard Days NightWe’ve had a hard day’s night all year as we long for this three-day weekend. But don’t sleep like a log on this capstone summer weekend. If you’ve been working like a dog, just kick back and watch A Hard Day’s Night, The Beatles’ 1964 film of the same name.

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