Land Record Scam Warning

• Don’t fall for scams from companies looking for your land record information, warned Door County Register of Deeds, Carey Petersilka in a press release. Many Door County residents have received letters from a company offering to obtain property deeds or other records for $83. Copies of deeds or other records can be purchased for $2 or $3 from the Door County Register of Deeds. For more information, contact Petersilka at 920.746.2271 or [email protected].

• Gravity Trails was denied the conditional use permit it requested to establish a zip line and disc golf course on Elm Drive in Jacksonport. The Door County Resource Planning Committee voted 4-1 against the permit, saying the proposed use was contrary to public interest, the character of the area would be changed by the establishment of the proposed use, the proposed use wasn’t similar to other uses of the area, and the proposed use would cause significant noise issues due to the topography of the area. Gravity Trails could appeal the resource planning committee’s decision and have another public hearing with the Door County Board of Adjustment or re-apply at a later date. For more information on the issue, read the Peninsula Pulse story “Neighbors Fight Zip Line in Jacksonport,” published on July 26, 2013 (available on

• A revised copy of the Detroit Harbor Enhancement Plan is available on the Town of Washington website, For more information on the Detroit Harbor Enhancement Plan, read the Peninsula Pulse story “Washington Island Detroit Harbor Enhancement Planned” published on May 31, 2013.

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