Land Trust Expands Three Springs Preserve

The Door County Land Trust recently expanded Three Springs Nature Preserve with a purchase of 40 acres of woods and wetlands along Old Stage Road in the Town of Liberty Grove. The Three Springs Nature preserve protects 480 acres of wetland, woods and stream that feeds into North Bay, which is recognized as an important Lake Michigan fish habitat area. Protection of this new 40-acre addition ensures wetland and stream quality that ultimately protects drinking water, fish health, and habitat for wildlife.

The Three Springs Nature Preserve and surrounding wetland area supports one of the largest breeding populations of the federally endangered Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly. The Hine’s Emerald Dragonfly is a species susceptible to changes in the quality of wetland habitat, and is sometimes referred to as an “indicator species.” Its presence is a sign of the overall good health of the land and water quality.

Door County Land Trust’s land program director, Terrie Cooper, says, “By protecting the wetlands that feed Three Springs Creek, this recent purchase will help protect the quality of the water that flows downstream through Three Spring Nature Preserve to North Bay, which is good news for the dragonfly as well as for fish, wildlife and people.”

Funding to acquire this land was supplied through grants and matching donations from Land Trust Members. For more information and to make a contribution of support, visit or call 920.746.1359.