Land Trust Programs In June

Visitors who register to learn about Oak Road Nature Preserve’s wetlands 9-11 am Saturday, June 8 can find out more about the Door County Land Trust’s (DCLT) partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Ducks Unlimited to protect amphibians, waterfowl and migratory birds the preserve supports. To register, visit

The preserve, which includes a pond overlook, is located at 6391 Oak Road, Egg Harbor.

Join a citizen science adventure at the DCLT Heins Creek Nature Preserve 9-11 am, Friday, June 21. Enter the creek and search for fish, frogs, salamanders, belted kingfishers and the aquatic invertebrates that they feast on. Participants will use aquatic sampling equipment and record an aquatic index to better determine the health of the waterway. Registration is required at

The preserve is located at 7112 Highway 57, Baileys Harbor.

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