Lawrence University Alumni and Composers Perform in Door County

Lawrence University’s Bjorklunden will host two unique events in January. Both events are free, sponsored by the Boynton Society, and will be held in Bjorklunden’s Vail Hall

The Lawrence Scholars in Arts and Entertainment program is hosting an arts immersion weekend that will connect students with successful alumni to provide valuable networking and learning opportunities through an interactive weekend of improvisation, skill building, and resourcefulness. On Sunday, Jan. 23 at Bjorklunden, the program will culminate in a unique 60-minute performance.

The event will feature alumni Laura Caviani ‘84, jazz pianist, Laura Buchholz ’96, writer for “A Prairie Home Companion,” Paul McComas ‘83, novelist and performance artist, Matt Turner ‘89, improvisational cellist, and Mary Van de Loo ’89, pianist.

On Sunday, Jan. 30 the composers of Lawrence University will showcase their talents at 1:30 pm.

Entrance to Bjِrklunden is located on Highway 57, south of Baileys Harbor, across from Anschutz Plumbing. For more information call 920.839.2216 or visit