Lawrence University Contacts Town about Possible Internship

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing information about Liberty Grove town government to residents and visitors.

• The electronic recycling and shred fest held at the Town Hall was again successful. There were 123 people (90 from Liberty Grove and 33 from Sister Bay) at the shred fest on Sept. 28. The paper shredder ground up 4,737.5 pounds of paper.

• The September issue of the Wisconsin Towns Association magazine noted that 2013 Wisconsin Act 20 does away with most of the local control of siting mobile service/cell towers. The association is recommending adoption of a service/cell tower ordinance, which would at least provide information to the local municipality of when and where the towers are going up.

• Lawrence University has contacted the town office to see if there might be interest in utilizing a student intern during their winter break. The intern would be reimbursed through funding that the university has available when placing interns. The intern would be available for four to six weeks and would probably be a foreign student. The university breaks for six weeks during the holiday season. The office had contacted Lawrence last spring regarding the internship program for a summer intern, but at the time none were available.

• The video regarding the lack of Coho Salmon stocking in the Gills Rock area is currently under production. It will be used to highlight the economic impact to the charter fisherman of Gills Rock and area businesses. Letters have already been sent to state and federal officials regarding the situation. A meeting hosted by the DNR will be held Oct. 12 in Cleveland, Wis. Contact the town office for details.

• From the past: In April 1872, Petrus Josephson, Neath Kirsh and J. Lundin were elected as Overseers of Highways. All accepted roads at the time were four rods wide (66 feet).