Layers, Edges, Boundaries

“Edges & Alvars 8, Porcelain” by Marjorie Mau.

On Aug. 23, 4:30 – 7 pm, Woodwalk Gallery will host a reception for the three artists in its season’s third featured artist show: Anne Egan, Simon Levin and Marjorie Mau. Music at the reception will be provided by Marybeth Mattson and Seth Raddatz. Artists will begin speaking at 5:45 pm. Light appetizers and beverages will be available.

Egan is an artist engaged in a soulful dialogue between herself and events, perceptions, objects and relationships. She has said about her work that “nothing is ever lost or destroyed” even though it may be covered by many layers of paint in her deeply textured paintings.

Levin melds function and process in his wood-fired pottery. He says, “My work is made in dialogue with the effects on the clay of the firing process and the kiln themselves…wood-firing is a process rich in variables with evidence of human touch integral to the design.”

Mau’s process starts with photographs, then she paints them from different perspectives creating new boundaries and edges, intersections and voids. She explores places in a variety of seasons and weather. She tends to paint in series with one painting questioning the order of things and the next answering but raising new questions to explore.

The show runs from Aug. 21 – Oct. 9 with the gallery open daily 10 am – 5 pm. Woodwalk Gallery is located at 6746 County Road G, five miles south of Egg Harbor, just off Highway 42. For more information call 920.868.2912.