League of Women Voters Discusses Wisconsin’s Conservation Legacy

The League of Women Voters of Door County is cosponsoring a virtual program, “Imbalance of Power: How Shifts in State Government Undermine Wisconsin’s Conservation Legacy,” on Jan. 10, 6:30 pm.  

The Leagues of the La Crosse Area and the Greater Chippewa Valley developed the program, and 16 other local Leagues, including Door County, are cosponsors. 

The program will interest those who wonder how Wisconsin has gone from being a conservation leader to a state that has failed to establish a basic standard for the contaminant PFAS in groundwater. It will highlight the shift of power that has occurred during the past 10 years among the state’s legislative, executive and judicial branches – established in the constitution as co-equal. 

The program will also discuss the impacts of specific laws, court rulings and the inability of the legislature to act on executive appointees, and it will conclude with specific actions and policy changes that can help return the balance of power in Wisconsin.

The program is based on a recent publication by Wisconsin Green Fire, a nonpartisan organization that seeks to advance science-informed analysis and policy solutions to address the state’s greatest conservation challenges.Register for this virtual program on the Events page at

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