League of Women Voters Launch Nonpartisan Voter Guide

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin (LWV WI) announces the launch of the nonpartisan voter guide, This online resource provides information for the statewide elections to help Wisconsin voters navigate the voting process for the Aug. 14 primary. provides candidate information, voter registration tools, polling place information, and other helpful Election Day information.

“ provides voters in Wisconsin with simple, helpful tools to help them understand who is running for office and where the candidates stand on issues important to them,” said Eileen Newcomer, LWV WI Voter Education Coordinator.

The LWV WI sent a questionnaire to 385 candidates in the fall elections running for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, U.S. Senator, Representative in Congress, State Senator (odd-numbered districts), and Representative to the Assembly (all districts). The LWV WI called on the candidates to state their positions on a range of issues. Each candidate’s responses are posted verbatim, so voters get the candidate’s information in the candidate’s own words. Candidates who do not respond are marked “No candidate response” in the voter guide.

After the Primary, the LWV WI will take down the voter guide and publish it again in late August with the answers of all candidates whose names are on the Nov. 6 ballot.

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