League of Women Voters Encourages Candidacy

The Door County League of Women Voters reminds citizens that it is time to take action if you are considering running in the spring non-partisan election. Non-partisan elected positions are not affiliated with any political party and include seats on county, city, town, village and school boards. To become an official candidate you will need to take out nomination papers and get signatures from citizens who live within the jurisdiction or municipal bounds of the office you seek. Nomination papers for nonpartisan office can be circulated starting Dec. 1. All signatures are due to your school liaison or municipal/county clerk by 5 pm Jan. 2, 2018. If you miss the deadline, or don’t reach the correct signature threshold, you’re not on the ballot. If you are interested or would like to learn more, contact your local school or municipal clerk for information on the procedures to become a candidate. The Election Guide for Candidates can be provided free of charge.

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