League of Women Voters Urging Candidate Forums

The League of Women Voters of Door County urges any citizen or candidate interested in a forum for the spring election cycle to contact Shirley Senarighi or Bailey Koepsel at [email protected], or 920.743.1691 by Jan. 16 for primary elections and Jan. 30 for general elections. Any candidate, group or individual citizen can request a forum. However, the League will proceed only if the position is contested and at least two of the candidates agree to participate. It has long been the policy of the Door County League of Women Voters to conduct one candidate forum per race. If there is a primary, the forum would be held before the primary election. If there is not a primary, the forum is held during the general election season. Requests will be honored in the order in which they are received. The goal of League of Women Voter candidate forums is to inform citizens about candidates and their stands on issues. As an organization, the League does not support or oppose political parties or candidates for any public office. LWV Candidate Forums are conducted in such a manner that each candidate has an equal opportunity to inform the electorate and state his/her positions.

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