Learn About Relicarios from Author Martha Egan

Martha Egan, the author of Relicarios: The Forgotten Jewels of Latin America, will be at Egg Harbor’s Kress Pavilion on Aug. 18, 2 pm, to give a presentation about her research and this book.

Relicarios – finely crafted, bifaced lockets of gold or silver – are artifacts of the Spanish Colonial era. The book emcompasses 40 years’ worth of research, including correspondence and interviews with relicarieros, art historians, curators, collectors, silversmiths, anticuarios and clergy, as well as images from the author’s extensive collection.

Egan’s talk will include a video of her interviews with elderly relicario makers in Bolivia, a presentation showing various types of relicarios and time for questions.

The limited-edition book has 200 illustrations. The price is $75 plus tax, and 20% of the sales will go to Door County libraries.

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