Learn Mandarin Chinese in Group or Private Lessons

Beginning this fall, Ping Wu and Soirsce Kastner of Ping Studios are offering group language classes in Mandarin Chinese and private tutoring throughout the school year. Wu and Kastner own and operate Ping Studios LLC, providing professional web design and photography services.

Classes are weekly and one – two hours in length, depending on the age of the student. “We’ve posted a questionnaire on our website so that interested students can tell us a little more about themselves, including when they’re available,” said Kastner. “This will allow us to arrange class schedules and age-brackets to better meet the needs of our students.”

In addition to weekly language and culture classes, the public will be invited to participate in monthly Chinese culture events, free of charge. “It’s almost impossible to become proficient in any language without learning about the culture as well,” said Wu. “The classes will focus on language learning while exploring the cultural aspects of China.” During classes, cultural education is embedded in the language instruction format, and subjects may include Chinese painting, calligraphy, cuisine, movies, myths, and more.

The classes will take place in Sister Bay. For more information call 920.559.3117 or visit