Learn How Pictures Work in Picture Books

Write On, Door County announces a special daylong class for aspiring writers of children’s picture books. Led by award-winning author and illustrator Nancy Carlson, this workshop is perfect for those thinking about a picture book manuscript or writers who have already begun their book. The class will be held Nov. 19, 9 am to 5 pm. A light lunch is provided. Class enrollment is limited to 10. The cost is $120.

If you are not an illustrator, just how do you write a picture book? Carlson will review some children’s picture book classics, as well as some newer titles to show how the text and pictures work together. She will share simple dummies and storyboards with the class to help participants get started on their own books.

If you have a picture book manuscript already in progress, bring it along for discussion and critique. If you are looking to get started with an idea for a picture book, bring along a notebook or sketchbook to work on some writing and drawing exercises. The class is open to writers and to illustrators who want to write, regardless of previous experience.

Carlson has published more than 60 books as a writer and illustrator. Her specialty is making kids feel good about themselves and others.

For more information or to register, call 920.868.1457 or visit

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