Learn to Cook in the Shadows of Shangrila!

The Linden Centre and Savory Spoon are hosting a culinary exploration of the southeastern Himalayas, home to Brian and Jeanee Linden’s cultural retreat. The tour will offer hands-on cooking classes by two renowned Chinese chefs, complemented by the support of Janice Thomas, executive director of the Savory Spoon, and numerous exotic meals with local wines, teas and coffees.

“Our village in China is a melting pot of tastes and smells that shatters preconceived ideas that China is a large homogenous culture,” states Jeanee Linden. “The foods of the region enchant guests with spices reminiscent of India and Sichuan, fresh fish and vegetables similar to Vietnam and Hong Kong, and soups and hot pot echoing the historic connection between the region and the Mongolian Steppes.”

Brian Linden adds, “We offer our guests a fun and informative learning experience that takes advantage of the timeless nature of our Centre, our village and its pristine environs.”

The Linden Centre, located in Xizhou, Yunnan Province is run by Door County residents, Brian and Jeanee Linden. The Lindens are one of the first foreign couples to gain approval by the Chinese government to take over a Type A Cultural Relic. The Centre is an elegantly restored 30,000 square foot courtyard mansion on the southwest Silk Road. Brian and Jeanee have spent 25 years working in and exploring Asia.

For more information, visit and or call 901.230.2654 or 920.854.6600.