Lessons, Golf Schools and Clinics

Over the course of my career I have been fortunate enough to teach golf at several outstanding facilities across the country. During this time, I have taught all three of the basic ways to learn golf. These different methods of learning are private lessons, golf schools and clinics.

Private lessons are the most common way to learn golf and are the fastest way to improve. That being said, they are also typically the most expensive. Private lessons occur at nearly every golf course across the world and are generally 30 or 60 minutes with a PGA Professional giving guidance on any and all areas of the game. If you live near a golf club and can return regularly over a period of time, this is a great way to learn. I have taught private lessons to beginners and professionals and everyone in between. My youngest student was three years old and my most experienced student was 97 years old. Private lessons are for everyone who wants to learn golf.

Golf schools are another popular way to learn. Golf schools are often at destination resorts and therefore are typically three to five days in length. At a golf school, you can expect to cover all aspects of the game in that period of time, including on-course instruction and play. A typical day consists of four to five hours of instruction, lunch, then nine or 18 holes of golf in the afternoon. A golf school can be for all ages and all levels and compacts learning the entire game into a shorter period of time than private lessons. If you’re looking to travel to a warm climate and learn all about the game in a week, then consider a golf school.

Clinics are the easiest and least intimidating way to learn the game. Clinics are taught in a group environment, cover different topics and most often focus on fun and enjoyment of the game. I have taught junior clinics, ladies clinics, senior clinics, men’s clinics, get golf ready clinics, and yoga, golf and wine clinics, among others. Clinics are the least expensive way to learn golf, making them very popular especially at public facilities. Many facilities will offer an array of different clinics that will fit most players’ needs. If you are brand new to the game and looking to get some basic skills, then signing up for some clinics is an excellent way to go.

If you are a new player just looking to get an introduction to the game without much cost in terms of money or time, then find a clinic and sign up. If you are looking to travel to a destination or want to learn a great deal about the game in a short period of time, then find and attend a golf school. If you want to invest some time and money and get the most out of your efforts, then finding a PGA Professional near you who will coach you and provide a learning plan is a wise choice.

No matter which method of learning you choose, all provide great benefits to enjoying the wonderful game of golf. If you’re really into the game, try all three!

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