Let the Healing Begin

We want you, the community, to understand our motivation for taking the challenge to run for seats on the Sevastopol School Board. We want to be a part of our Sevastopol community healing process and reunite the district to focus on ensuring that every Sevastopol student is well equipped and prepared to excel in school and in life.

If you are looking for some positive in any of this, it is that our community is now very well aware of what this school board means to the school and community. They are aware of the responsibility that is taken on by school board members with a multi-million dollar budget but even more aware of the school board’s responsibility to ensure a culture of respect and honesty exists within the school that allows all teachers and staff to stay focused on students. Our community must get its focus back on the students.

We believe our education and professional experience give us the skills needed to tackle the financial challenges ahead. Our experiences as parents have taught us that we must keep expectations high for all children. Our experiences as community members watching the school board over the last six months has taught us that our community should have high expectations for school board members as well.

Where do we go from here?

It is not our motive to undo decisions of the past. Our motivation is to reunite the school district, and the Sevastopol staff and move forward. We have strong experienced administrators – Mr. Cromell the superintendent, Mr. Baier the middle school/high school principal, and Mrs. Hoppe the elementary principal/director of special education – we will support them in their administration of our school. It is our motivation to reunite the Sevastopol School District community, to restore a culture of trust, integrity, collaboration and encourage comments and conversation in the operation of the school board with its community.

As Pioneer alumni with our own children attending Sevastopol you can count on us to reunite the school and the community and uphold Sevastopol’s long tradition of success. We are honored to be candidates for the Sevastopol School board. Please vote for us on Aug. 23.


Tim Bley and Keith Volkmann
Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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