Letter: Does A Quarry Belong in Sister Bay?

The board of trustees at its October 20, 2015 Board Meeting will consider making a change to the ordinance #235-072815 to permit a conditional use permit to allow a quarry in the B-1 Business District.

According to the village ordinance #235-072815 the legal document states that the improvement and development within the general business district is based on the following principals:

  • That the development is consistent with the natural environment. I ask the board, is a quarry consistent with the natural environment of Sister Bay?
  • That the development maintains the village’s traditional small town appearance, in which its housing, shops, work places, parks, and civic facilities co-exist in relative harmony. I ask the board, would a quarry help maintain a small town appearance?
  • That the development balances the needs of a resort town and residential village. I ask the board, can a quarry fit the needs of a tourist town or a residential village?
  • The designs meet the architectural standards and enhance the village’s historic architecture. I ask the board, how could a quarry possibly meet any architectural standards?

Previous boards elected by the citizens of Sister Bay in their careful planning and development of the village have never included a quarry in the B-1 business district. Why are you considering it now?

I have a simple question to the board. Are you going to listen to the voters of Sister Bay who elected you to the position you now hold, or are you going to listen to a non-resident who wishes to destroy what previous boards have worked so hard to accomplish and what we the residents and the many tourists come to expect in Sister Bay?

William Wegehaupt

Sister Bay, Wis.



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