Letter to the Editor: 90 Days Wasted

The appeal of Hawaii’s challenge to the executive order banning immigration from six predominately Muslim countries is being televised live as I write this.

This order, on its face, ordered an immigration ban for 90 days so the government could review its immigration procedures. This is due, according to arguments by the Trump administration, to the fact that this is an emergency and that these procedures must be addressed and changed immediately (i.e. within 90 days).

The 90 days have passed. The ban has nothing to do with the review of the procedures, the ban was simply to prohibit “at risk” immigration while the administration conducted its review and implemented new, permanent procedures. Let’s not get the two confused, the ban was to buy time only, the stated objective was to implement new immigration procedures within the ban’s 90 days.

Why is the Trump administration in court today fighting Hawaii? There have been no incidents during the past 90 days. If the Trump administration were acting in good faith and intended to review and implement new immigration procedures, adequate time has passed to do this, and the changes required should now be in effect. If an emergency did in fact exist, there is then no excuse for the Trump administration not having done what it said it would do, revise the procedures within 90 days. Why would Trump waste these critical 90 days?

On the face of it the ban is truly a Muslim ban. This ban is no more that a religious and racist exercise, it has nothing to do with security. Per Trump, adequate time for the security fix has passed, as he defined adequate time as 90 days.

The ban, per the administration, was to buy time. The time has been bought and paid for. They should quit wasting the time of the courts, this matter is history.

Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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